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Charles “Buzz” Beeler,          Writer, Producer and Journalist

After spending 39 years as a police officer, Buzz Beeler retired from the force and continued his second career as a writer and journalist. His writing credits include the following:


• Freelance writer for the Baltimore Sun, including The Evening Sun and Sun Magazine, where he worked closely with Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter.

• Writer for the former Hearst Publication, Baltimore News American, where his crime column appeared alongside Andy Rooney’s column.

• Aside from his journalistic endeavors, Buzz has also been involved in the film industry. He penned the screenplay for the Hollywood motion picture, “Misfit Patrol.” Buzz also wrote, produced, and directed traffic safety videos, including script work on an award-winning video, “My Child is Missing,” which was narrated by John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” fame. In addition, Buzz wrote, produced, and directed the traffic safety video “Wheels of Death,” which was introduced by then Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Towsend. That safety video was used in driver education classes for a number of years. Buzz’s traffic safety program work was recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which presented Buzz with an award in a national competition among police jurisdictions.

Buzz is a member of the AFL-CIO Writers Union and now publisher of The Baltimore Post.com. a conservative news publication, a one-stop-shop for local, national, sports and entertainment news with numerous feeds from other local publications.

Ann CostantinoInvestigative Journalist

Ann Costantino has been a Baltimore County resident for over twenty years.

A graduate of Towson University, Ann earned her bachelors in mass communications after first studying communications and journalism in Arizona and Texas.

While a student at Towson, Ann worked as assistant to the executive director of the (former) Advertising Association of Baltimore (AAB), where she organized local and regional American Advertising “ADDY” Awards shows in Baltimore and New York, which celebrated creativity and excellence in advertising.

In Texas, Ann interned with The Austin Chronicle, learning the old school ways of cropping and editing, developing and sizing photographs, and was known to shamelessly pester the “real” reporters on how to write book and concert reviews.

A long way from where she started, Ann is originally from Oahu, Hawaii – a place where she learned the value of the aloha spirit.

Ann is politically independent and is fiercely committed to integrity in journalism.

     Mr. X.,           Editor


Mr. X. is a veteran award-winning broadcaster and journalist, with more than 30 years in the industry. His writing/editing career includes stints as a managing editor for Chesapeake Publishing in Southern Maryland, Gannett Publishing (publisher of USA Today), and Construction News and Publishing (Washington Construction News, Baltimore Construction News). Mr. X. has won several MDDC (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia) Press Association awards for writing and editing.

 James Ott, Jr,             IT Consultant, Web Designer,  Network Engineer
​                                            CompTIA Linux+ / LPIC-1 / SUSE-CLA


I have a true love and passion for technology. My degree is in Network Engineering and have had both formal and informal training for over 30 years. I have been in and around the industry since the late 1990’s. Some of my previous employers include TYCO and IBM. I am currently the IT Administrator and Network Engineer for a federal contractor based out of Aberdeen, Maryland. I am also the Owner, Network Engineer, and IT Consultant of PT Computer Repair based out of Dundalk, Maryland.


Like many people today, I have a few technology hobbies. Currently, I spend most of my free time with mobile technology. Between tech moderating forums and developing Android apps, I have been keeping my hands very busy. Ethical Hacking has also become very popular with me lately. Preparing for my CEH has become a necessity as well as a passion. I currently live in Baltimore County wife my wife, children, and electronics.