AR-15 assault rifle being raffled to raise money for Texas high school graduation party
Posted by Valerie Strauss on 21st April 2017

This post was originally published on THE WASHINGTON POST

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AR-15 assault weapon on the shelf. (iStock)

Put this in the you-can’t-make-up-this-stuff category: One of the prizes at a fundraising raffle in the New Caney school district in Texas is an AR-15 assault rifle. Tickets for the raffle cost $10, and the money is being raised for a drug- and alcohol-free graduation party for high school seniors. reported that the raffle is being held by the nonprofit Project Graduation. It confirmed that an AR-15 assault rifle was a raffle prize by Sgt. Jim Slack of the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s office. (Slack did not immediately return a phone call from The Post.)

Project Graduation started nearly 40 years ago in Oxford Hills, Maine, in 1980, a year after seven alcohol and other drug-related deaths among teens occurred during graduation season. The parent effort came out of a state government drug, alcohol, and highway safety program to help schools and communities address teen alcohol and drug consumption, and it started with a party called “Project Graduation,” a chemical-free celebration that attracted hundreds of students.

Other communities adopted the idea, and now, Project Graduation is raising funds for graduation celebrations this season, including in the New Caney Independent School District. Tens of thousands of dollars are being raised through various efforts, including cookie and shirt sales. One item also put as a raffle prize is an AR-15 assault rifle.

AR-15-style assault weapons have been used in a number of mass murders, including the 2012 massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Slack told KHOU that the winner of the weapon will have to pass a background check at a local gun shop before taking ownership of the rifle.