County calls verdict in Gaines’ civil trial excessive
Posted by Associated Press on 13th March 2018

This post was originally published on WBALTV NEWS

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Baltimore County lawyers called the verdict in the Korryn Gaines civil trial excessive and not based on the evidence.

In documents filed with the court, county lawyers argue the jury acted out of sympathy and got it wrong when they decided the officer who shot Gaines acted unreasonably.


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A jury of six women awarded $37 million a month ago to Gaines’ family after a lengthy civil trial.

County lawyers now want the judge who presided over the case to reduce the amount. They focus on where the lion’s share of the money is going: To Gaines’ 6-year-old son, Kodi, who was wounded when his mother was shot and killed during an armed standoff in August 2016.

“Kodi failed to present any evidence that the injuries he suffered had a value sufficient to support the jury’s award. The award is based on guesswork, speculation and sympathy,” county lawyers argue in new court filings.

The county contends there is also insufficient evidence to support money awarded to Gaines’ mother, brother and her other child, who were not present at the time of the shooting.

The county attorneys argue the verdict sheet was flawed. Their key argument challenges the main finding of the jury that Officer Royce Ruby did not act reasonably in August 2016 when he fired the first shot through a wall. It followed a day-long standoff in which Gaines was armed with a shotgun.

County lawyers repeated their arguments at trial that Ruby’s actions were reasonable because Gaines posed an imminent threat.

To win their argument, county lawyers must convince the judge that the jury’s decisions were grossly excessive and shocked the court’s conscience, the legal standards that must be met.

Lawyers for Gaines’ family have not yet filed their response to the county’s arguments.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz was consulted by the county’s lawyers, and he authorized the lawyers to move forward with post-trial motions. A representative said Kamenetz has no further comment.