PRESS RELEASE: Historic World War I M1906 Cannons Listed On Maryland World War I Military Monuments Inventory
Posted by James Ott Jr on 2nd November 2017
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Keeping the Promise for Another 100 Years Cannon Project

FORT HOWARD, Md. (October 27, 2017)- Maryland Historic Trust Marker and Monument Program Administrator Mrs. Nancy Kurtz approved on October 27, 2017 Fort Howard Community Association’s request listing the “Keeping the Promise for Another 100 Years,” project’s newly restored and recently dedicated hundred-year-old World War I M1906 artillery field guns on the Maryland World War I Military Monuments Inventory.

Maryland Historic Trust’s inclusion on the Maryland Military Monuments World War I Inventory realizes completely the intention of the cannon restoration effort symbolizing the American people “Keeping the Promise,” to honor and care for our veterans and the newly restored cannons serving as tangible symbols of our veteran’s service and sacrifice, ready to stand “for Another Hundred Years.”

At landmarked Fort Howard Park in Historic Fort Howard, Maryland 21052, these symbols of our veteran’s service and sacrifice are the only Maryland Military World War I Monuments permanently displayed in southeast of Baltimore County. As such, they will be a source of national pride and reverence for generations to come.

For more information contact Ms. Kathleen Labuda, Secretary, Fort Howard Community Association at 410-477-2040 or