PRESS RELEASE: Tax Free Shopping | New Gun Laws | Reducing Costs for Motorcyclist
Posted by James Ott Jr on 30th July 2017
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Shopping Alert!

Sunday, August 13, through Saturday, August 19 is Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week. Qualifying clothes and footwear costing $100 per item or less is exempt from Maryland’s 6% sales tax. Additionally, the first $40 of a backpack/book bag is also tax-free.

You can find the complete list here of what is exempt from Maryland’s sales tax that week.

Baltimore’s New Gun Law & Homicides

Baltimore’s murder rate continues to rise to a record high of more than 200 homicides this year. Instead of focusing on arresting and locking up criminals and gang violence, the liberals in Baltimore City are focused on gun control. It does not matter how many new gun control laws get passed, criminals do not obey the laws we have now and will not obey any new laws. As long as judges and prosecutors continue to be soft on criminals, nothing will change.

The bill under consideration will impose a mandatory one-year jail sentence for anyone illegally possessing a gun within 300 feet of a school, park, public building or church. Judges and prosecutors can already impose more than a one-year sentence on illegal firearm possession. It’s already illegal to possess an illegal firearm. It’s already illegal for a convicted criminal to posses a firearm of any kind. This is a distraction from the real problems going on in the City and makes lawmakers feel like they are doing something when they really are not.

Hundreds of people showed up at Baltimore City Hall to weigh in on this new law, most opposed to it. It looks like it will pass anyway.

Looking at Baltimore City crime statistics provided by the Maryland State Police in the Unified Crime Report, it is interesting that the number of arrests is down significantly in Baltimore City. You can’t help but wonder if this is part of the problem – more crime but significantly fewer arrests.

Year ARRESTS ADULTS JUV Murder Arrests
2012 58,459 54,320 4,139 94
2013 51,582 47,856 3,726 115
2014 47,841 44,402 3,439 86
2015 34,728 32,184 2,544 106
2016 – not available yet

Kudos to Gov. Hogan for Reducing Costs for Motorists!

Governor Hogan has taken action to extend the number of years for the VIEP car emissions testing from 2 to 3 for new cars. This makes sense. It saves time and money without risking any harm to the environment. Newer cars are equipped with strict environmental controls and standards. The VEIP testing was enacted prior to the new technology and environmental controls mandated for all newer cars.

Common sense reform actions like this taken by Governor Hogan are putting more money back into the pockets of people across our great state!

How can you get involved?

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