Report: Luke Wilson, Bill Haas involved in wreck
Posted by Associated Press on 14th February 2018

This post was originally posted on ABC 2 NEWS ENTERTAINMENT

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Actor Luke Wilson and professional golfer Bill Haas were reportedly involved in a rollover crash that left one person dead in Pacific Palisades, California on Tuesday night.

Two people, including Haas were injured in the crash, according to Los Angeles-based KTLA. The crash involved three vehicles, a Ferrari, a BMW and a Toyota FJ SUV.

Haas was a passenger in the Ferrari. The person driving Haas was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Los Angeles-based KNBC

Wilson was driving the Toyota, which was clipped just before the crash, according to Los Angeles-based KTLA. Wilson did not sustain serious injury. The Toyota was clipped before the Ferrari hit the BMW, according to KNBC. 

Haas is expected to be OK, according to multiple reports.