Ten cute dogs enjoying the open road
Posted by Elly Rowe on 17th April 2018

This article was originally posted on WTOP NEWS MARYLAND

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Now that we’re finally in summer mode, we can’t help but feel like there’s no better way to spend your time than in your car with your best pal, your dog! Whether you’re all about the convertible life, can’t imagine life without your trusty pink oldster or rely on something a little more practical to get around, the best part of these cars are the pups riding shotgun. Time to buckle up, grab your pet and hit the open road with the sunroof open and the windows down!

The Cocker Spaniel became somewhat of an icon due to the popularity of the animated film “Lady and the Tramp” but this beloved breed is known for more than just its ability to slurp spaghetti! With its kinky coat, long ears and small stature (no larger than 30 pounds on average) this dog is the perfect companion. This breed has a loyal personality and loves to spend time lounging with it’s people, but also enjoys physical exercise of all kinds due to a long history of hunting. Grooming spaniels can be somewhat of an undertaking but it’s all worth it to keep these fun-loving, loyal family dogs happy

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