Vigil in Baltimore Co. for Sgt. Eric Houck
Posted by Carmen Frazier on 18th June 2017

This post was originally published on ABC2News

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Family and friends gathered at the VFW Post in Baltimore County on Sunday to celebrate the life of Sgt. Eric Houck.

Houck, the dedicated soldier and father of two killed last Saturday in Afghanistan, just eight months into his first overseas deployment. Military officials say Houck along with two other soldiers died of gunshot wounds.

At the vigil, Houck’s father shared some memories of his son to get an idea of what type of man he was. He mentioned how his son was a huge sports fan. “He loved sports, I mean sports was his life. Him and I we bonded over the eagle games. Win or lose we just loved it. Every Eagles game I watch for now on he’s going to be by my side.” Mike Houck, father of the soldier.

Houck who was 25, was supposed to come home next month.

A special honor is also being planned. His name will be added to the Baltimore County War Memorial in Towson, Md. according to organizers.