2,000 Workers Laid Off While State Buys Cranes From China
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th January 2017

May 31, 2012 9:42 pm ET

Where are the photo-ops on this $40 million deal?

Source: 2,000 Workers Laid Off While State Buys Cranes From China

In Marge Neals article on RG Steel the headline was stark, cold and to the point –

Those words impacted close to 2,000 workers at the RG Steel Plant at Sparrows Point.  Most will lose their jobs.  Remember when the cameras were there?  Remember when Governor Martin O’Malley, RG CEO John Goodwin and Union International President Leo Gerard announcing a line of credit had been secured, enabling the plant to restart the “L” furnace?

Where are they now?  No photo ops, but—and there is always a but—we have this little ditty that kicks sand in the faces of those workers and the people of this community and state.

As headlines go, this one adds insult to injury.  Gigantic cranes for port of Baltimore are en route from China.  That’s right, you heard me, China!  How much did this merchandise from abroad cost? $40 million.  Now you think with a steel mill right next to the port, 2,000 hard working Americans that supply steel for things made out of this stuff, there might be some work there?  Ya think!

I almost forgot about the $100,000 the guv spent on a little trip awhile back.  You know the one I’m talking about.  No it ain’t Towson, even though he’s been there many times wheeling and dealing.  Need a hint, how about a boat ride to where the cranes are coming from?  You got it!  China!

You remember the governor’s trip over there.  I’m talking about this one:  “O’Malley (D) is traveling with a 68-member delegation, which includes government and business leaders and educators, on a trip with stops in China, South Korea and Vietnam. The costs for most members are being covered personally or by their companies or institutions.”

There is a matter of $100,000 of travel incidentals though.

Heck, the governor’s entourage rivals that of the Rolling Stones on tour.

I wonder if the conversation of the price of cranes came up.  No wonder we have a trade deficit.  He brags about gaining $40 million in business deals and turns around and gives it right back, although the devil is in the details of the deals he is supposedly bringing home.

Oh, I almost forgot about this deal.  It seems that we can’t build something as simple as a passenger gangway to get on a boat, so we pay Spain (whose economy is about to tank) $2.9 million to build one for us for the Port of Baltimore.

Seems like of lot of stuff coming in but little going out in the way of exports—you know, stuff we make in the good old U.S.A.

The end result of doing business the democratic way is companies are hiring American workers but at far less wages and benefits in order to compete with countries like CHINA! 

The lead paint is extra.

And all of this from the governor that champions labor and vice versa, thank goodness for that.

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