Details for the 7th District Town Hall Meeting
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th January 2019
Remember, the government belongs to the people and not to the politicians. (Photo credit/Baltimore County)

(Publisher’s Note: The Baltimore Post has been in touch with Baltimore County officials and will live stream the Town Hall Meeting on our site. The Post would like to express our gratitude to Baltimore County Press Secretary T.J Smith for responding quickly and efficiently, especially to our late-night emails.)

The 7th District Town Hall Meeting will be held Thursday, January 31, at 6:30 PM at the Eastern Vocational HS at 1100 Mace Ave.

This is a rare opportunity provided by Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr. to hear from his constituents. This type of transparency was a hallmark of Johnny O’s campaign and, so far, he is keeping his promise.

Now it’s up to the citizens of Baltimore County to keep their promise and have their voices heard by the political leaders they have voted into office. This process exemplifies what President Abraham Lincoln referred to when he made this statement during his Gettysburg address:

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

The Post strongly believes that this is a great opportunity for the people to have direct access to their County Executive, so we should take full advantage.

There is one very important message the Post would like to make. Please remain respectful during this Town Hall Meeting. Nothing can be accomplished if the proper decorum is ignored.

We are quite sure that there are issues that impact the citizens of the 7th District. We are also quite sure not everyone will have the opportunity to have each concern addressed by the county executive. We also suggest that those asking questions be respectful and refer to the county executive properly.

We believe the questions below are of utmost concern regarding the many serious issues we face in the coming years and, therefore, should be asked/answered:

  • Will you continue to follow the previous County Executive Kevin Kamenetz in maintaining Baltimore County as a sanctuary for illegals and the additional cost of caring for these individuals, which is estimated at $1.9 billion statewide?
  • How can you justify granting Tradepoint Atlantic a $78 million loan pertaining to its infrastructure while the county’s infrastructure continues to crumble?
  • Will you appoint a stronger ethics commission to deal with problems that have been ignored many times in the past?
  • Will you put a stop to the unmitigated “pay to play” happening with developers in Baltimore County?
  • How will you address the continuing violence in our school system that has gone unabated for years?
  • How will you be different than your predecessor, the late Kevin Kamenetz, who became a liberal Socialist/Democrat?
  • According to The Baltimore Sun, the county is $2 billion in debt. How will you overcome that budget crisis?
  • Can you guarantee transparency throughout your administration?
  • What are your plans for the government center park?

While there are many concerns others may have, we believe that the above questions address matters that have a critical impact on how efficiently the current administration will serve the citizens of Baltimore County.

We strongly urge every citizen and taxpayer to attend this important opportunity to exercise your constitutional rights, regardless if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

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