The Path not Taken (Because It Is Not There)
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

September 15, 2015 7:27 pm ET

Two of a kind equals “it’s time to fold and get out”

Source: The Path not Taken (Because It Is Not There)

Pictured, Councilman Julian Jones

I have stayed on top of the Woodlawn Footbridge issue. I do my homework. I talk to people, community groups, and the “flies on the walls” of the county office buildings.

The buzz (pardon the pun) is the same—Dr. Dance and Mr. Kamenetz could care less.

By the way, did I mention that I sent an email with what I thought was a very simple question?

Councilman Julian Jones
Councilman Tom Quirk
Baltimore County MD

Dear Councilman Quirk and Jones:

The question has arisen regarding the Wodlawn Footbridge and that is in whose district is the bridge located?

Could you please provide this information?

Thank you for your time.

Buzz Beeler

Now, I ask you in all sincerity, is this a tough question? Even if you hate my guts, and I’ll get to that in a moment, there is more at stake than personality conflicts.

Simply put, the subject matter is the safety of our school children.

Did the council members “get my drift?” I hope so.

Now, as far as Councilman Jones goes, I think he may have been referring to me when he wrote the following in a newsletter:

Councilman Jones is having a town hall on Thursday, 6pm at the Owings Mill Library at 6pm. The footbridge is one of the topics. (WE ARE UNDER ATTACK)

Dear Friends, I find it necessary to brief you on the foot bridge off Dogwood Road at Englewood Avenue (Bridge No. B-0166 Woodlawn High School Pedestrian Bridge over Dead Run) It seems that a person in our community has forwarded information to a Dundalk Blogger in an effort to get him to write a story on the bridge and its demolition. That same person then forwarded the information to our community. The problem is the blog is full of mistruths and misleading information. Although the author of the blog has zero credibility, it would appear that the person who forwarded the misleading information also has zero credibility as well.

Let me be as clear as possible. #1) The bridge was removed in August 2014, prior to me taking office. The previous councilman was notified prior to its removal.

#2) I have done everything in my power to replace the bridge and will continue to fight for the replacement of the bridge. Unfortunately, responding to slanderous information does not help, but act as a distraction.

That said, below are a few of the many e-mails concerning the bridge. Please note the dates. I was sworn in December 1, 2014.

EXHIBIT #1 – Email from Department of Public Works to the councilman and his staff dated August 19th, 2014


From: To:, Subject: from Public Works Deliver Date: 19-Aug-2014 13:07 Attachments: TEXT.htm [Save] [Open] IMAGE.jpg [Save] [Open] Mime.822 (excluded from export) Message Id: 53F34C0B.COB_DOM.COB_PO.200.20000CD.1.B643D.1

Department of Public Works

Pedestrian Bridge at Woodlawn High School to be Removed

Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works plans to take down the pedestrian bridge (B-0116) near Woodlawn High School next week. Removal of the structure which crosses Dead Run south of Dogwood Road is scheduled to begin Monday, August 25 and take about two weeks to complete. Pedestrians can cross the stream via the sidewalks on Woodlawn Drive or Gwynn Oak Avenue.

The pedestrian bridge, which has deteriorated and is no longer safe for foot traffic, is 60 feet long and eight feet wide. It was constructed in 1973 with a steel beam structure supporting a concrete deck.


(Note: spellings in the above are unchanged.)

Now let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts of these allegations by this “treacherous blogger from Dundalk” who is attacking Councilman Jones.

Before I do that, there are some clarifications I should mention before proceeding to the allegations of “WE ARE UNDER ATTACK”—which is what the liberals like to say. I prefer to write the term “engaging in public discourse.” It’s more civilized and no one gets hurt except some bruised egos.

In Councilman Jones’ message, he states that this blogger was brought into this controversy by someone from the community, and that the writings of said blogger (or hit man, if you like that kind of stuff) slandered Councilman Jones.

Well now, those are a heap of powerful words. That raises the question of the term “slander.”

I would guess the councilman forgot to look up the difference which is printed below:

“The other thing complicating the slander vs. libel dichotomy is modern technology. It was easy enough to distinguish between written and spoken words in the 18th century, but what to do in the age of radio, television, and Internet? Generally, defamatory words on radio or television are classified as slander. On the Internet, however, messages posted to a bulletin board may constitute libel, at least according to a 2003 California Appellate Court decision. – See more at:” page=1#sthash.pZ4myzJK.dpuf

So, now we have that straight. The proper word for Councilman Jones is “libel,” as in “the written word” ‘cause (sic) the other comes from the lips, as in “the spoken word.”

Then the councilman goes on to say, “The problem is the blog is full of mistruths (sic) and misleading information. Although the author of the blog has zero credibility, it would appear that the person who forwarded the misleading information also has zero credibility as well.”

Again, the good councilman failed to do what is called research. As far as the credibility issue, I’m not the one who had a bill vetoed by the county executive. I’m not the one who uses the $60,000 price tag to fix the problem that was provided to him by the community and this non-credible blogger. I’m not the one who can’t answer an email like the one above. How hard can that be? There are two of you to work on that one.

I’m not the one who stated that former Councilman Oliver was aware of this situation, yet provides no evidence that he was.

This blogger makes a phone call, asks a question, and finds out the information.

Interestingly, as to the questions raised by my blog, the bridge is still down, so it seems that Mr. Jones’ political fight for his constituents is a fluff ball.

While I catch my breath, I’ll resort to the words of an all-time great good-guy cowboy/cowgirl combo, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, who sang, “Happy tales, (sorry, trails) to you, until we meet again…”

Words to take to heart, Councilman.

And now for some intermission entertainment:

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