Kamenetz Seeks to Pump More Taxpayer Funds into Tradepoint Atlantic
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th November 2017


All smiles for more taxpayer funded corporate welfare. (Photo credit Hilcoglobal.com)


The most recent announcement coming out of Tradepoint Atlantic (TPA) concerns a Royal Farm gas station and convenience store taking a spot at the TPA site. This is hardly the type of living wage jobs promised by Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and his administration.

This information was sent to The Baltimore Post by a newly forming community council that will serve as a powerful watchdog group for the taxpayers of Baltimore County and beyond.

On the heels of that announcement, Mr. Kamenetz seeks to “pump” (pardon the pun) more taxpayer funds into TPA by means of resolution 109 – 17:


Please click the image below to read the full resolution



The group photo above is very telling, because everyone in the photo insists on using taxpayer dollars to finance a corporate welfare project. The picture also reveals a deeper and darker secret about TPA and its propaganda of replacing the once thriving Beth Steel with living wage jobs.  Take note of the new tenant, FedEx, and you begin to get a clear picture of exactly what these politicians are doing with your tax dollars.

Here is an interesting quote from the Sun article:

“FedEx employs about 180 package handlers and about 70 managers and administrative workers at Sparrows Point. The company also has about 150 contracted drivers.

Let’s take a look at the wages paid by FedEx:
FedEx Salaries
Job Title FedEx Salary
Package Handler $12.19/hr
Part Time Package Handler $11.92/hr
Fed Ex Ground Package Handler $11.77/hr
Material Handler $13.49/hr


A driver for FedEx earns $24 an hour.  An operations coordinator makes around $52,426 a year. Regarding that issue, the Sun does not break down the difference between managers and administrative workers.

For those who have been following our exclusive columns on the emails obtained by the Post, you will see many of those politicians in the photograph. You will also see a vast majority of the emails have been sent behind the backs of the taxpayers.

Call it a “secret society,” if you will. Many of the emails point out the corporate greed in their attempt to garnish more of our hard earned tax dollars.

Here is another interesting little tidbit from the Sun article:

“The prospect of celebrating hundreds of new jobs drew scores of politicians to the event, including several who represent the area: Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, County Councilman Todd Crandell, state Sen. Johnny Ray Salling, Del. Robin Grammer, Del. Bob Long and Del. Ric Metzgar.”

Below is another deceptive picture published by TPA. As we have stated time and time again, TPA is just a landlord, not a builder. If you want to build something down there, you buy the slab and hire a builder to do the real work. We think we made our point in this article concerning that issue.

Each one of these businesses is built, not by TPA, but rather an outside contractor.  (Photo credit/TPA)

As of yet, the only thing even close to the above photo is TPA’s announcement of the Royal Farm store coming to the property.

We keep asking the people who provide the tax revenue in one of the most heavily taxed states in the country why we want to continue to allow our tax dollars to go to corporate welfare when there are far more important issues to deal with not only Baltimore County, but the state of Maryland as well.

It would be completely different story if TPA was a developer in the old-fashioned sense, taking the risk, and earning the reward, if they used their billions in capital and provided living wage jobs.

Keep reading our exclusive articles on the emails the Post procured through a PIA. We will keep publishing them until the voices of the middle class speak out and stop this obscene corporate welfare.

The Baltimore County Council needs to decide whether to give TPA more of our tax dollars–money that could go toward schools, roads, police officers, and other infrastructure needs that are more pressing than making a multi-billion dollar company richer on the backs of the middle class.

Look closely at the faces below, because they will be the ones voting on this new resolution to spend our money:

Be careful of what you vote for. It could come back to haunt you in the next election.

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