Update: Stalling Salling
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 13, 2016 4:57 pm ET

Senator Salling issues heartfelt apology and promises to address community concerns

Source: Update: Stalling Salling

Photo of Senator Johnny Ray Salling

Update: Senator Salling has reached out with an apology and a commitment to meet and discuss these issues. I am hoping to include any concerns the community may have, including the AC issue along with other matters such as the STAT program and the WBAL news story on Stemmers Run.

I will keep the community posted on future developments

Before I begin, which takes a look at issues in our community, it is important to view the following link, which sets the tone for what I say in this blog.


With that viewed, the shutting down of dissenting voices is exactly what the left is attempting to do. Pay particular attention to O’Reilly’s comment on educational leaders and their agenda. Sound familiar?

The leftists unleashed a vain attempt to recall a period of history citing the most evil man in modern times; however, the issue in question was, in fact, his vary tactic. Control or eliminate all forms of dissent and you will seize power by using the vary tactics you rail against.

Since I got that off my chest, let’s take a look at what happened recently.

First, I wrote about the incident at Patapsco High, about which the silence was deafening. Why, you may ask? Because of fear. Apparently, certain topics are off limits based on the color of one’s skin.

If you viewed the link I provided, then you heard Mr. O’Reilly speak about the school system in our country.

Well, folks, this is not something that is going on in other parts of the nation—it is happening in our own backyard.

Mr. O’Reilly made the reference to a leftist-run agenda by school bureaucrats that impose their wills on our students, parents, and staffs.

Case in point is Patapsco High, where the established student code of conduct was violated.

Following all of that, I encountered Senator Johnny Ray Salling at the grocery store. When I asked him about the incident at Patapsco and whether he was aware of it, his response was, “No, I did not see it in the paper.”

The Senator went on to ask me to send him what I had written. I sent the information to several pols, and—so far—everyone (Delegates Long, Metzgar, and Grammer) responded … with the exception of Senator Salling.

View this recording of Senator Salling as he made his announcement to run for office:


He talks the talk, but is he walking the walk?

For those others that make the claim that “Annapolis is where it’s at,” I say this to you. As an elected official, you had better take care of business in your own backyard, because the grass surrounding that “insane asylum” will be your burial ground if you don’t.

Let me simplify that statement. Most of the voters have no clue as to what goes on in the state government, and—more likely than not—the “voice of the people” will be drowned out by the sheer weight of numbers (delegates and senators) from other areas. To that end, in order to show people why they voted for you, I strongly suggest that you keep them abreast of community concerns, and make sure you reach out to the media and let the voters know you are on the job.

Case in point…

Right after the situation at Patpasco, there was another incident down in the area of North Point Village. This incident drew a large police response, including a K-9 unit and a helicopter, as reported by Baltimore Breaking News.

Baltimore Breaking News Network

March 7, 6:54 pm

Dundalk | POLICE ACTIVITY | St Monica Dr & St Boniface Ln | Large crowd/large fight. Helo overhead. K9 requested for assistance.

Multiple in custody. [sic]

The point is that there is a lot going on in own backyard that needs the attention of our leaders, but are we getting that attention?

As far as Councilman Crandell is concerned, I say the answer is NO!

Listen to his response when I brought up the issue of the Patapsco incident.

You will notice the arrogance in the Councilman’s voice and how quickly he deflected from the question, as if it was my fault for asking the tough questions that seldom get answered when seeking the truth.

I did receive calls from Delegates Long and Metzgar, and I suggested that they look at the issues in their own 6th District, which will have far more impact than what takes place in Annapolis.

Another issue has come to light at Stemmers Run School, which has stirred up the community, as seen here in this report from WBAL TV News.

I also spoke to Del. Metzgar about the $275 million STAT program that I believe needs the entire attention of the 6th District, especially since Senator Salling is on the Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee.

One would think that he might be aware of what’s going on in the schools, especially since this is his purview. After all, since he is on the EH&EAC, it is his job to know what’s going on.

Another incident worth noting is the Government Center issue. People think the police have left the building. Guess again.

I’m checking to verify this, but the word is that cost overruns on the new Dundalk police station have strained the county budget and that will impact moving the remaining officers from the old GC facility to headquarters in Towson. Again, let me say that is a rumor and I will get to the bottom on that one.

Councilman Crandell, did you hear that? Remember the GC! That is in your district.

In closing, I strongly suggest that those in office pay attention to their own backyards because, if they don’t, they’ll get mowed over like the grass around the State House.

“Journalists hold those in power accountable.” (From the movie Spotlight)

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