Ignore, Cover Up, Repeat…
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

May 1, 2016 8:50 pm ET

School officials mum regarding alleged assault of female teacher at Patapsco

Source: Ignore, Cover Up, Repeat…

When one of the most prominent citizens in the area advises me to look into something involving a serious issue, I tend to listen.

And that, folks, is why you are reading this blog. I listened, I learned, and I wrote.

During the listen part of the equation, I tend to ask myself a series of questions:

Can I trust this person? Is what the person is telling me possible? Would the person have a reason to lie?

When I can answer these questions to my own satisfaction, the next step is to learn by verifying the information. I also make sure that I leave a paper trail so that, as one attorney put it, “the most corrupt county in the state of MD” cannot play the denial game.

So, the first thing I did was send an email to the appropriate authorities as shown below.

My first stop on the email chain was the police department, since I was told the police made an assault report.

Ms. Kobler:

Recently I was told that a female teacher was assaulted at Patapsco H.S. by a male student and that a police report was made.

Can you confirm this?

I have the teacher’s name as provided by my sources but will not reveal it in my article.

I will wait till the end of the business day before writing the story.

This email is for the record.

Buzz Beeler

The response was, as usual, a big fat zero, as in “nada” and “mum is the word.”

The other email went to BCPS. Here is my request:

Mr. Dickerson, I was told that a female teacher at Patpasco High School was assaulted by a male student. I was also informed a police report was made and that the student (as per the principal’s instructions) has not been disciplined.

I’m not asking for the name of the student but only what action was taken by the principle.

I will wait till the end of the business day before writing the story.

Your comments will be for the record.

Here was Mr. Dickerson’s reply:

Mr. Beeler,

Given you are asking for information about an alleged incident that involves a student, here is the correct link to the office you need to contact.




Mychael Dickerson

Chief Communications Officer

Baltimore County Public Schools

Now, for those not familiar with what Mr. Dickerson did in that response, he sent me down the dreaded PIA route.

In plain English, that means “Ring Around the Rosie,” or what I call a cover-up!

Why would I accuse the authorities of such a thing? Here is why in a nutshell.

Here are links to a few of the PIA games the county plays. To read the history regarding these games, just click on the links below:



So, once again, BCPS wants me to file another PIA, even though I am still trying to obtain information from my last one.

Remember, folks, these people won’t even respond to a board member’s request for the truth.

In essence, what the school system is saying is that I, yet again, will have to waste 30 days (allowed by law for them to respond) before the games that the powers that be play really go into high gear.

They know not of the word Transparency, or the concept associated with it—the truth.

So, here is where we are now.

I have been told by a well-respected community leader that a female teacher at Patapsco High was assaulted by a student (I will not reveal the ethnicity of the offender until I’m sure). Meanwhile, there is a police report floating in space somewhere and a principal who is at the helm of a sinking ship, based on this report that ranks it 120 in the MD rankings.

It used to be in the top 20, by the way.

To that end, I am inclined to write that a female teacher was assaulted and a police report made, but nothing further because the cover-up is in full effect.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that, in a recent press release, Mr. Kamenetz stated that crime is as low today as it was in the 1970s?

That is a bit odd to me because the budget has increased drastically since then. But I guess he can make whatever claim he wants, the truth be darned.

Anyone who wishes to set the record straight can comment either on FB or below.

I can guarantee you that, if the roles were reversed in the teacher assault, it would be front page news in the Sun.

Until now, you’ll have to get your facts from me. I will fill you in when I have more…

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