Public Meetings Should Be About the People, Not the Pols
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th January 2018
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The January 3 town hall meeting at the North Point Library was, as the Post predicted, a gabfest. (To read up on that, click the following link.)

Censoring the Constituents: Pols Purge and Purify Posts

Some folks may take that as a rather harsh statement; however, in reality (or at least our version of reality), that is exactly what took place.

Here is what we wrote as a “preview” of the meeting:

Coincidentally, there is a meeting scheduled at the North Point Library in Dundalk on Wednesday, January 3, at 6:00 p.m. at which our three elected delegates will appear along with a state senator. Already there are rumblings that some of those planning to attend do not like concept of questions being written out and submitted beforehand. That lets the pols pick and choose which questions they will/won’t answer, as well as “seed the questions” that they want to answer.

After speaking to several who attended, we were pretty spot on with our remarks. We were told that the meeting was nothing more than a “two-hour waste of time.”

Let’s start from the beginning, when Sen. Johnny Sailing brought up the topic of windmills at Tradepoint Atlantic. If you were in the audience listening to that statement, you might’ve thought that was the panacea for all that ails the 6th District.

Listen to Senator Salling’s statement on TPA and windmills at the 1:00 – 3: 16 mark in the video below. Also take a listen to the Fort Howard issues at the 4:08 – 5:30 mark.

The Senator forgot one important item: the cost to the taxpayers for this green energy boondoggle.

And, if you don’t believe Newsweek, here is a whole country that looked at the same subject.

For the naysayers, we have provided two examples from respected publications that go directly to the heart of this subject, or hot air if you prefer. What is more discouraging is that, based on the agenda established by our elected officials, there was no chance to question Senator Salling about the issue. Remember, Councilman Todd Crandell’s legislation 86-15 blocks the community from providing any input into plans regarding TPA.

In addition to the lack of public input, one wonders why it takes four people to answer one question. When you view the video, you will see the pols controlling the narrative. The more the politician talks, the more time comes off the clock. It is akin to what many NFL teams do toward the end of the game while nursing a lead.

There was another very aggravating circumstance regarding the issue of state vs. county issues. Due to the fact that many of the questions involved Councilman Todd Crandell and not the state officials present, why would those issues concern the state?

It all boils down to jurisdictional boundaries and, since the state officials on stage did not have complete knowledge of the situation, it would have made sense to invite the councilman to the proceedings. We refer to that as killing two birds with one stone.

We will have a lot more on the subject with additional videos and highlighted comments on topics that clearly show that the pols did not have enough factual information to provide functional answers. The Post will tackle the topics of vigilantism, Fort Howard, sidewalks, and dredging at TPA.

(Note: if you don’t like that report, here is another one to view.)

In addition to our issues with how this Town Hall Meeting was handled, we will also look at the coverage from the other media in attendance. Let’s see whether or not they actually inform the public, or if they just regurgitate the political spin.

So folks, stay tuned—there is plenty more to come. As always, our motto is, “You read; you decide.”

For now, we will end this column with this thought – That night was the people’s night to be heard, and they were not, yet again!


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