Debate rages regarding Sen. Salling’s residency status
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th May 2018
Photo credit: Senator Salling’s Office


After The Baltimore Post published the article regarding the residency status of Senator Johnny R. Salling, numerous questions arose regarding the documentation presented in the article.

State law requires that a candidate running for office must reside in the district that he/she will represent. The Baltimore Post investigated numerous claims from voters questioning the senator’s actual place of residence.

In numerous comments, people stated that the facts presented by the Post were inaccurate. Here are some recaps of the comments posted:

  • Some blamed the U.S. Postal Service
  • Some claimed that the senator lived on Philadelphia Rd. in Rosedale
  • Others claimed that the senator would never make that mistake
  • Some people suggested that the Post had an agenda for bringing up the claims
  • Someone suggested that we make a phone call to clear up misunderstanding

Despite the three forms of evidence presented by the Post, all of which were official federal and state documents, ardent supporters of the senator refused to believe the evidence as presented.

Regarding the claim that the senator lived on Philadelphia Rd. in Rosedale, the Post conducted a Maryland land records search and found no one with the last name of Salling living on Philadelphia Rd.

It is always been the policy of The Baltimore Post to offer anyone involved in our investigations a chance to write a rebuttal. As a result of the large response to our investigation, The Baltimore Post sent the following email to Senator Salling’s office offering a chance to set the record straight:

May 18, 2018 – 3:35 PM

Senator Johnny R Sallng

6th District of Maryland

Dear Senator Salling:

In response to our article regarding your domicile, we are offering you 1,000 words in a chance to either refute our evidence or explain the situation.


It should also be noted that, according to our sources, the senator was well aware of our investigation before the article was published.

We will continue to update this matter as information becomes available.

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