Is Senator Salling “Pleading the Fifth” by not responding to the Post’s residency article?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th May 2018

Before we begin, we want to set the record straight.

The Baltimore Post does not look at this issue along party lines. It makes no difference to us whether someone is a Democrat or a Republican. Our issue with this situation deals with integrity and truth from our elected officials, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

To bring readers up to date, The Baltimore Post received complaints from several voters that Maryland State Senator Johnny R. Salling does not live within the boundaries of the 6th Legislative District that he represents.

Subsequently, the Post was accused of inaccuracy in our reporting. The comments we received include the following:

 Sorry to tell all of you Nay sayers, Johnny does live in the district he represents, i have known him over 20 years and he is a Brother in Christ. We attend the same Church and he is in my Sunday School Class also. [sic]

#What I do know for certain is that the Senator requested me personally to check measurements for a new back door on his residence located on Philadelphia Rd.

Other comments said the issue could have been resolved by checking other databases, but we are only focusing on the address given to the state of Maryland, as well as the applicable laws.

One reader suggested that the senator lives with relatives on Philadelphia Road. Again, the Post did our due diligence and found numerous relatives listed as living at the address. We chose not to post those findings for privacy reasons.

There were many more comments criticizing our investigation–too many to publish here. So, in fairness and in accordance with our policy, the Post decided to give the senator a chance to respond. After all, it is only right for us to allow him to “clear the air” regarding those who question whether he meets the residency requirement to live within the district that was elected to serve.
With that in mind, The Baltimore Post sent the following email to the senator:

May 18, 2018 – 3:25 pm

Senator Johnny R Sallng

6th District of Maryland

Dear Senator Salling:

In response to our article regarding your domicile, we are offering you 1,000 words in a chance to either refute our evidence or explain the situation.


As of today–May 29, 2018–The Baltimore Post has not received a response from Senator Salling.

Sadly, the story does not end there. The Post took additional steps to put this story to rest by verifying the truth. Some of the readers commented on our story without full knowledge of the facts, so hopefully this information will clarify our investigation.

Below is the address that we found that Senator Salling has listed under the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT).  For privacy reasons, the Post redacted the numerical number to the address.


The address is where the discrepancy lies.

The boundary line that separates the 6th and 8th Legislative Districts is listed as Philadelphia Road. In order to be sure of the location listed in the SDAT records for the state of Maryland, the Post contacted the Baltimore County Board of Elections (BCBOE). We specifically gave the numerical address found under the SDAT search to the person in charge of identifying specific areas of each legislative district in the county.

The Baltimore Post was advised by the BCBOE that the address we gave, which matches the SDAT records pertaining to Senator Salling, is listed in the 8th Legislative District and not the 6th Legislative District.

(Note: Before publishing this article, The Baltimore Post contacted the BCBOE a second time to verify the facts of our investigation. The answer was the same.)

This may explain why the senator chose not to respond to our request for his rebuttal.

We can only guess that the senator decided to “plead the fifth” and not respond.

As always, our motto is: “You read; you decide.”

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