After vulgar outburst, it’s business as usual for Councilman Crandell’s office
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th June 2018



We previously reported that one of Councilman Todd Crandell’s legislative aides, Ron Metzger, was caught on video spewing a stream of profanities at a neighbor on June 11, 2018. Despite that revelation, it was back to business as usual for Mr. Metzger on June 15, 2018, as the above photo reveals.

Mr. Metzger was seen waving signs at Merritt Boulevard and Wise Avenue in Dundalk. He was joined by Councilmen Todd Crandell, his father, and the councilman’s chief legislative aide, Doug Anderson.

Apparently there are former politicians who believe this kind of behavior should be tolerated, as illustrated by this comment from former Delegate John Cluster:

John Cluster Buzz you are sure showing your disdain for the councilman. Seems like nothing but negative journalism . He has done some great things for the community. Try reporting some of that for a change.

We responded to the former delegate’s response by asking what “great things” Councilman Crandell has done for the community. Was Mr. Cluster referring to the councilman’s lack of support for the government center? Or was he referring to legislative bill 87 – 15, which prohibited any community input regarding the massive corporate cronyism at Tradepoint Atlantic? Maybe Mr. Cluster was referring to the Section 8 housing directly behind the Giant store on Merritt Boulevard, or currying favor with campaign contributions from an advocate for vigilantism.



Mr. Cluster was not the only recognizable name that condoned this type of deplorable conduct. It is almost unthinkable that anyone serving the public as a legislative aide would conduct himself in this manner.

Let’s take a look at what the county code calls for in the way of conduct for anyone involved with serving the citizens in Baltimore County:

§ 7-1-203. – TRAINING.

(a) Persons required to complete training; timeline for completion.

(1) The Commission shall provide a training course of at least 2 hours on the requirements of the county public ethics law for the following elected officials and public officials:

(i) An individual who serves as an appointed department head as defined in Section 5-1-201(e) of the Code;

(ii) An individual who serves as a deputy in any department or office as provided for in Section 502 of the Charter or as enumerated in Sections 503 and 504 of the Charter;

(iii) The Chairman and members of the County Council and appointed legislative staff to each member;

So, we can say without a doubt that Mr. Metzger went far beyond unethical conduct and also may have violated the county code. In order to determine that, The Baltimore Post will contact county authorities to see if Mr. Metzger abided by the above section of the law.

The sad part about this issue is that none of our elected officials–delegates Rick Metzgar, Bob Long, and Robin Grammer or Senator Johnny Salling–has spoken out on this vile public outburst. We see that as being totally disrespectful to the constituents that they took an oath to serve. What kind of representation can we expect from our elected officials if they turn a blind eye to this type of conduct? It seems as if Mr. Metzger is allowed to continue without any accountability regarding his conduct.

By the way, here is one more comment that sums up the “good ol’ boys club” of protectionism in our government:

Greg Redmer Tabloid journalism.
Folks, maybe it is time for the voters to “drain the swamp” that Baltimore County has become.

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