Op-ED: Army Veteran and Former Law Enforcement Officer Running for House of Delegates
Posted by Nicole Harris on 20th June 2018
Kevin Leary photographed with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

If you’ve been driving around the 8th Legislative District recently, you’ve probably seen the blue and white signs emblazoned with “Vote Kevin Leary”. It’s a sign of the time – the primary election is right around the corner and signs are hard to avoid in most neighborhoods. It’s also hard to avoid Kevin at school board meetings, Annapolis hearings, and door knocking in most neighborhoods.

Kevin Leary is an Army Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer turned small businessman who in his spare time has become a vocal leader for better schools in the 8th District. He’s been outspoken at many of the school board meetings, as well as on his personal and campaign Facebook pages. He’s been an advocate for kids who are bullied, but has found himself compassionate and understanding as answers have been sought in finding help for the bullies themselves.

If you’ve opened your door to him as he’s been door knocking all the Republican homes in the district – you’ve probably heard him talk about school curriculum, school safety, school transparency, and administrative oversight and overhaul. He’s passionate about our kids and their education – so passionate that he’s earned the backing of some major local parent organizations and many teachers.

You may have also heard about his passion for safer streets, backing law enforcement, and judicial reform. Crime talk isn’t just a talking point for him – with years on the street as a Law Enforcement Officer, he’s got real statistics, personal experiences, and more insight into the court system and policing than any other candidate running. He’s seen repeat offenders consistently get slaps on the wrist or even have court cases dismissed, and he’s seen fellow officers get discouraged with the end result and lack of judicial support. He knows how Annapolis has failed to bring meaningful judicial reform bills to the floor, not to speak of passing anything that truly makes Maryland safer – he’s ready to change Annapolis and change the way things get done in this State.

The third main point of his platform revolves around the Opioid Crisis. He applauds Gov. Hogan’s stance on combatting this crisis and being the first governor in the country to raise the awareness. Kevin is looking to work with the Governor to expand programs that truly help people break the addiction. More people in recovery and sober, helps the economy, helps the court system, helps families, and therefore helps more kids – all making a better Maryland. This should be a priority for the community as a whole.

While all his work in the community is good and beneficial for District 8, Kevin is hoping for the votes needed to get him to Annapolis. For that he needs your vote and support and he’s definitely asking you for it, as well as everyone he meets on a daily basis. Kevin is passionate about this community – he’s been a lifelong Baltimore County resident and he’s choosing to continue to serve it, not in his fatigues and not in his uniform, but as your Delegate, your conservative voice in Annapolis.

You can find out more about Kevin Leary on his website, www.kevinleary.org or on Facebook.com/KevinLearyForHouseOfDelegates2018. Some of the other topics he briefly highlights are budget, guns, immigration, and taxes. If there’s a specific question you’d like to know about simply message him and he’ll get back to you with an answer. With Kevin – it’s always been about serving his community, by helping the individual.

 Ms. Harris is a wife and mother along with working on the campaign to elect Kevin Leary to The Maryland House of Delegates.

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