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Op-ed: Republican challenger Jay Payne accuses incumbent David Marks of using an inflammatory mailer
Posted by Jay Payne on 23rd June 2018
Photo Credit: Jay Payne Campaign


I would like to bring to your attention an inflammatory mailer that’s been distributed by my opponent Councilman David Marks and his legislative aide Ryan Hensler (Ryan also is the Campaign treasurer for Councilman David Marks and 8th district delegate Candidate Joe Norman.

The funding source of the mailer is a political entity known as Leadership for Northeast Baltimore County Slate run by Councilman Marks and Ryan Hensler. (They created a fake name to defer responsibility from the attack)

Click on the image below to view the entire documents

Unfortunately, the mailer once again brings out the worst in politics. My opponent has chosen to disparage my character. Because he’s unwilling to defend his bipartisan and independent legislative record. See below.

Bill 39-12 Accepting over $4 million to expand the Section 8 Voucher program

Bill 74-13 $25,000.00 or 16% Pay raise for Kevin Kamenetz without public input

Bill 75-13 $8,500.00 or 15% Pay raise for Council members without public input

Bill 09-15 Opposing Rain Tax Repeal. Governor Hogans signature campaign issue


PUD – The initiation and approval of Towson Rowe (were all now on the hook for a $43 million dollar taxpayer bailout)

PUD – The initiating and approval of Towson Gateway (withdrawing support after the fiasco was well underway)

PUD – The initiating of two unwanted CVS construction sites within Perry Hall and Carney when there were already existing units within the same area.

But back to the atrocious mailer sent by my opponent:

Click on the image below to view the mailer

The mailer says I’m a former democrat who voted in the Obama and O’Malley primaries. This is true, but so what? Does David know how I voted? There are a vast number of republicans in this state who were former democrats. In my opinion some of our best republican leaders were former democrats, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Charles Krauthammer, Herman Cain for example. We even have a local leader by the name of Pat McDonough.

It also states I have multiple criminal issues including a drunk driving arrest. Well it’s important I address this.

Yes, it’s true. I was pulled over 12 years ago for drinking and driving. I’m thankful I was pulled over. Luckily, I didn’t hurt anyone or myself. But I did disappoint my wife and family. I own this, and I’m not free of sin nor fault. I’m a human being were not perfect. I am happy to say I’m still married to my wife and have two beautiful children.

But a problem occurs with the misleading direction of the mailer. it directs people to look up Jay Payne at MD Judicial Case Search. There are multiple people with my name.

Friends, Jay is my nickname, not my given name. My real name is Jerome Charles Payne Jr born in 1973.

If a voter looks up the name Jay Payne they’ll find a different individual who was born in 1962. This mailer is a dangerous attack by Councilman Marks and his legislative aide. It disparages my character and integrity, and they know it. I’m a businessman and family man, I will not have it. They want me to go away, and it’s not going to happen.

I suggest people look up David Scott Marks on MD Judicial Case Search. They may find David Scott Marks history interesting as well.

The mailer also attempts to lambast me for lack of Community Experience. Well, I’ve worked in the private sector for over 26 years. I’m proud of my community. This is the place my wife and I chose to raise our family. I’m also proud I’m at the dinner table with my wife and kids every chance I get. I’m not ashamed I enjoy spending time with my family like other hard working taxpayers in Baltimore County. Family matters, and he chooses to criticize my personal life and family…..shame on him.

It seems Councilman Marks is proud to paint park benches and take photo ops with the late Kevin Kamenetz at CVS or Towson Rowe. He has plenty of pictures to prove it. I’m no a fan of self-glorification.

I pay property taxes, a mortgage, and a car payment. Just like many other Baltimore County residents. Shame on Councilman Marks. Does the Councilman even remember what that’s like?

In my humble opinion his “expertise” in community experience has led the mistrust Baltimore County citizens have of local politicians. He comes across as an entitled, know it all, career politician. Career politician yes. Entitled? Not if I can help it.

He claims I’m supported by special interests who want fewer controls on development? I reject this. Like every other republican, democrat, and independent within Baltimore County’s fifth district. I’m appalled at the over development Councilman Marks has approved over the past 8 years.

I ask, who has the more egregious record? A career politician who quietly expands the section 8 voucher program? Gives himself and his friends a pay raise on the tax payers dime? Supports SANCTUARY COUNTY policies by killing common sense public safety bills?

Or a husband, father, and small business man who is tired of the County Council’s excuses. YES, I made mistakes in my past, I’m human. My road and path in life hasn’t been easy, but I’m proud of what I have. I was raised by a single parent, my father wasn’t around at times. No one’s going to take that away from me. It’s who I am.

If voters are tired of the business as usual politics of the past 8 years. I ask for your vote. My special interests are the households and citizens of Baltimore County.

My name is Jay Payne and yes I’m a Republican. I’m Pro Constitution, Pro Life, Pro 2-A, Pro Parental Rights, Pro Small Government and Pro Transparency. I want to bring common sense back to our local government. I ask for your vote June 26th. It’s time to take our county back.

Thank you,

Jay Payne

Republican Candidate for Baltimore County Council Fifth District | Email: Paynej73.jp@gmail.com

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