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OP-Ed: People of the 7th District Councilmatic Race – You Deserve Respect
Posted by Dave Rader on 25th June 2018

A constituent publicly posted a video on my Vote Dave Rader Facebook page regarding the sitting councilman’s aide, Mr. Ron Metzgar in an apparent profane and drunken tirade. It was also mentioned that the man drove home in the same state.

It is my duty to respond to this incident.

This is a disgusting display of disrespect for a neighbor and a constituent. The sitting councilman should take my advice and have serious reprimanding for this action starting with a public and sincere apology at the least.

I’m glad the man being harassed was brave enough to step forward. Bravo to him! We need more brave citizens willing to expose government overreach, corruption and utter disrespect for constituents and their concerns.

As your councilman, I will ensure all of my staff treat our constituents with dignity. Otherwise, there will be appropriate consequences.

The worst part of this drunken tirade is I’m not surprised. This type of behavior has apparently been going on since the beginning of the current Councilmanic reign.

While I was a community president and the president of the 7th District Civic Council, I had the chance to speak to many great active citizens. These are people who help people on a regular basis, keep their communities health maintained, create safe events for children and do all of this as volunteer work. Society is indebted to them, yet they request for others instead of themselves.

I’ve spoken with numerous volunteers throughout the 7th Councilmanic District who’ve told me their concerns have been entirely ignored by the sitting councilman’s office.

One of these people told me when their friend called the sitting councilman’s office shortly after he was elected, the caller was told by Ron Metzgar to “F*** OFF, YOU DIDN’T VOTE FOR TODD” and they were hung up on.

Even if you don’t vote for me, I will help you. I can help best if I’m elected, however. Your vote is powerful.

Besides the brave video recorder, the events I mentioned can only be told by me as 2nd and 3rd hand events. I hope those people will come forward with the truth, but in the meantime, I will protect them, because they fear the sitting councilman’s possible retribution. Regarding the sitting councilman’s office procedures, however, I have my own personal experience with his office.

Continue reading if you would like to read my detailed account of misgivings with the sitting councilman’s office which gave an air of truth to every story I heard of constituent disregard regarding his office.

Know this either way – As your councilman, I will stand for honesty, transparency and accountability. If I make a mistake, I’ll admit to it and do my best to correct it. If you have a problem with me, my staff, or anything in Baltimore County, I want you to tell me so we can correct it. We will make Baltimore County better and we will continue to evolve our own character to be better citizens, public servants and neighbors.

Continuing on…

The Community Association I was president of started a committee to investigate raw sewage dumping occurring in our neighborhood. Senator Salling was at our meeting when it was first brought up in our community meeting. Our committee also contacted the sitting councilman’s office and spoke with Ron Metzgar in November of 2017 who immediately told our committee chair the company had permission to dump there. The company dumped tons more sewage and it raised more alarms in our community. I called and spoke with the senior council aide, Doug Anderson to request permission for the dumping in writing for our constituents and he laughed at me on the phone.

We issued a Freedom of Information Act for communications between the sitting councilman’s office and the contractor dumping the sewage. The sitting councilman’s office senior aide, Mr. Anderson copied the Dundalk Eagle in a written reply to me saying when they were made aware of the issue they contacted the Dept. of Public Works. Writing to us in December, he said the company did not have permission to dump there and that was it. No apology for the lack of communication and no repercussions for the out of state contracted company dumping sewage.

The police were also called to the scene on Dec. 7th around 4:30 pm, but no police report could be obtained.

Unsatisfied, we continued to volunteer our time and work with the Environmental Protection Agency, Maryland Dept. of Environment and Maryland Attorney General’s office to finally resolve the issue. The Maryland Attorney General’s office said Baltimore County Officials first became aware of this issue on December 11th, however, we actually contacted Baltimore County Officials in November. So either, the sitting councilman’s office aren’t actually Baltimore County Officials, they lied to our community, they lied to The Maryland Attorney General’s office or Mr. Metzgar has poor communication not only with constituents, but within the sitting councilman’s office also.

We handled our Baltimore County issue by circumventing our Baltimore County “Officials,” because they were of no use. The brave constituent exposing the neighborly activities of Ron Metzger circumvented Baltimore County and came to me.

As your councilman, if you have a Baltimore County Issue, we will do everything in our power to ensure it is handled in Baltimore County. If it’s not a Baltimore County issue, we’ll still do anything we can to help. The bottom line is as our constituent, we will treat you and your issues with dignity and respect. That’s why I’m running – to help. If you believe Southeast Baltimore County, the 7th Councilmanic District deserves respect, Vote Dave Rader.


Dave Rader

7th District Council Candidate for Baltimore County


Authority of Vote Dave Rader – Dawn Rader, Treasurer

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