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OP-Ed: Fazenbaker wants your vote as a write in candidate for 7th District council seat
Posted by Timothy Fazenbaker on 26th June 2018
Tim Fazenbaker (Photo credit Tim Fazenbaker)

(The Baltimore Post urges every citizen to practice their constitutional right and vote)

Click here for direct link to the Maryland State Board of Elections for all your informational needs


Southeastern Baltimore County is a microcosm of the entire United States. We have mainly hard-working blue-collar citizens with a mix of affluent citizens, those struggling to reach middle class, and every ethnicity from around the world.  We have mainly great independent individuals and a handful of less desirable’s that are ruining our great town.

So why do we let these less than desirable people steal our money and resources and treat us as slaves?  You may be asking who I am calling less than desirable. Well, let’s start with the politicians. Politicians like Todd “Crooked” Crandell.  As long as I’ve been around, our politicians, like Crandell, have sold us out to get their pockets lined and obtain more power. This current election shows how our current crop of elected officials have been bought by special interests and steal our money and resources to give to people who don’t value the virtues we have.  Ask yourself why you work so hard yet feel like you’re struggling to and make ends meet. Then ask why are there so many dependent people who take our resources and live off our hard work.  What has our area become in the last two decades? It appears a whole lot worse today than yesterday.  Crime is rampant, the streets are filthy, people don’t feel safe in this area, and jobs are gone.  Illegals are everywhere, and our politicians placate them instead of following the rule of law.  We have more government-subsidized housing and programs in this area than almost anywhere, yet parents are struggling to give their kids the necessities of life. When I heard that public housing on Merritt Blvd. was being built, and noticed Mr. Crandell took a campaign contribution from the builders, I realized I needed to do my part and run for office.

So what is it we really want from our government? Well, we want to live our lives the way we want, serve our Creator, whatever you believe that to be, the way we want, protect our families, pay nearly nothing in taxes, and give our children better lives.  Government should only exist to let us continue to live free and prosperous lives.

Now is the time we must stand up and do what we must to save our children:

  • Stop illegal immigrants
  • Stop Section 8
  • Support Gun Rights
  • Lower Taxes
  • Enforce Our Laws
  • Provide School Choice

Politicians, illegals, and able-bodied people that get subsidies are stealing from our kids. It’s immoral.

We must insist that our culture is about responsibility to oneself and family first. Stop letting politicians take us for granted.  They won’t work for your vote if they know you will just vote for them because of their party affiliation.

Spread our message.

Lastly, let me help. I’m asking for you to write me in for Baltimore County Council, District 7. I’m not asking for money. I want to win without money to show that the power comes from the people, not special interests.

Also, if elected, I’ll donate my salary to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund because my candidacy is about our kids, not about gaining money or power.

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