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Computer glitch by MVA holds the key to many political aspirations
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th June 2018
Like the picture states, every vote does (and SHOULD) count! ( Photo credit/The Borgen Institute)


Folks, it ain’t over yet! There are still thousands of votes out there that need to be counted before the hotly contested Baltimore County Executive race, and other political races, can be decided.

On the Republican side, Al Redmer appears to be the clear winner in the race against long time Delegate Pat McDonough.

There is still one race sitting on the precipice and that will decide the fate of Baltimore County for least the next four years.

Due to a computer glitch by the often-troubled MVA, as many as 80,000 votes remain uncounted. Those votes could very well be the deciding factor for the fate of numerous political aspirations in this year’s primary election.

Our opinion: this is a hell-of-a-way to run election, but the nail-biting will have to continue until those ballots are dutifully counted.

This faux pas is reminiscent of another major political boondoggle that many of us would rather forget: the 2000 United States Presidential Election, in which Florida’s “hanging chads” ultimately decided the fate of the nation.

This quote sums up the entire matter and reveals just how much every vote counts:

After an intense recount process and the United States Supreme Court‘s decision in Bush v. Gore, Bush won Florida’s electoral votes by a margin of only 537 votes out of almost six million cast and as a result became the president-elect. The process was extremely divisive, and led to calls for electoral reform in Florida.

There isn’t much more to say until this primary is decided and the people set the cast of characters that will shape the state and municipalities for years to come.

Right now, the political world (or at least the political landscape in the state of Maryland) will have to wait for the primary results to be counted and etched in stone to lay out the contenders who will battle it out in the general election. Until that time, there’s not much else to speak of because, while the people have already spoken, they have yet to be heard.

There is one noteworthy observance of this election that seems to be ingrained in many voters psyche ever since the word vote was added to the dictionary. From what we can tell, the general consensus among the voting public is the status quo should remain the same. Hopefully someone can explain to us, with all the many divisive issues facing this nation, why the people keep sending the same old same old back into office.

It boggles the mind, folks.

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