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Halloween “house of horrors” arrives early, courtesy of Councilman Todd Crandell’s lack of constituent service
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th July 2018
How can Councilman Todd Crandell allow this to stand in our district? (Photo credit/Facebook)


(Note: To circumvent the naysayers, this article is not driven by partisan politics, but rather a matter of simple ethics.)

The Baltimore Post was made aware of this “Halloween-esque” burned-out and boarded up house in Dundalk. One of our readers forwarded the image above, which appeared on the Facebook site of Republican Candidate Al Redmer.

Accompanying the image of this disgraceful dwelling was the following comment by Mr. Redmer:

Earlier this week I said that customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird in Baltimore County. Yesterday our office received a call from a local constituent that demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about.

This constituent called our campaign office looking for help with a property next door to her home in Dundalk. The home has been sitting vacant, apparently damaged from fire, and boarded up for years. I’ve actually driven by this home myself numerous times, including  during a community tour of the Dundalk area this past May.

I’ve been discussing the abysmal customer service that constituents receive from Baltimore County government for months during this campaign. There truly is something to be said about our county government’s customer service when a property like this is reported numerous times, over the course of years, and neither code enforcement nor any branch of local government does anything about it — to the point where a county resident decides that if current government won’t do anything about it, they’ll call our campaign for help. We’re not even in office yet, but you can bet we will be following up and doing whatever we can to help get this property taken care of as soon as possible.


To read more of Mr. Redmer’s comments, click on his name name above.

What is particularly telling about Mr. Redmer’s comment is the following: “apparently damaged from fire, and boarded up for years.”  Can someone please explain to us how a councilman who has been in office for four years is not aware of this nightmarish dwelling?

We believe this displays dysfunctional and incompetent constituent service from a political official.

As our readers can clearly see, this major blemish on a residential street in the 7th District clearly indicates that code enforcement is non-existent. The Councilman’s office is supposed to ensure that these types of complaints are handled properly, but The Post has been made aware of numerous complaints from various constituents that have gone unanswered.

Anyone who reads our columns knows that we also have failed to get a response from this non-responsive elected official.

In fact, since the day that The Post criticized Councilman Crandell for seemingly rubber stamping a vote as part of the late County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s “good old boys club,” which is led by Mr. Fred Homan, we have had no contact with the councilman.

We believe that is completely unacceptable.

Even more egregious is that this lack of contact with the Post mirrors a similar case involving Governor Hogan, as Councilman Crandell has censored the Post from his Facebook site. In response, The Baltimore Post will file an ethics complaint against the councilman based on the ACLU’s response regarding censorship by political figures.

As the shenanigans related to this political race heat up, we will be there to report on more outrageous behavior.

Stay tuned…

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