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The Post Investigates: County in cover-up mode over rental property involved in double homicide
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 7th September 2018

As we continue our investigation into the double homicide that took place in Dundalk, the Baltimore Post has learned that, according to officials at Baltimore County’s Rental Registration office, a hearing for the property owners has been scheduled for October 3, 2018.

As we first reported in our exclusive investigation, the property at 63 Wise Ave. where the double homicide took place is an unregistered rental property.

Our follow-up conversation with Baltimore County rental officials produced some responses that seemed rather convoluted. We learned that there have been 20 complaints filed regarding the home, which is owned by Fakhir and Allan A. Quadir. According to state records, the home is listed as a single family dwelling.

The below photographs show that the home in question is still being used as multiple dwelling units. We did not include any photographs of the tenants, who were in plain sight.


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Next, we offer a list of properties owned by the Quadir brothers in the Dundalk District. According to our contact in Annapolis, any address not marked as a primary residence could be listed as a rental property. Also, our source–who investigates these types of issues–stated that Baltimore County is supposed to reinspect such rental properties every three years.

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Photo Credit: The Baltimore Post


In addition to our Annapolis source, the Post interviewed several landlords who were required to comply with applicable laws pertaining to the registration of rental properties. They confirmed that the owner of a property converted into a rental must notify Baltimore County if the property changes from a single-family dwelling to a multi-unit housing complex.

We have further evidence of what we believe is a direct attempt to mislead the media and the residents of the 7 th District, which is represented by Councilman Todd Crandell. The councilman, by the way, has made no statements regarding the double murder or the progressing problem of unregistered rental properties.

The second time we contacted the Baltimore County Rental Registration office, a different person answered the call. We were immediately told that we would have to refer to the communications office to get a response. We asked the name of the employee since this should be public information. We were then transferred to another extension, at which point the call was disconnected.

We did get a call back from Mike Mohler, who oversees operations for the rental registration division. The result of that call was a somewhat spirited discourse pertaining to transparency.

Before we forget, you may have already noticed the last names are spelled the same and that is because both Mike and Don (the county executive) are brothers.

Mr. Mohler also advised us that we had to go through the Baltimore County Office of Communications (BCOC) in order for him to give us what we believe is public information. Regardless of who is requesting the information–a private citizen or a media outlet–the request should be honored.

Mr. Mohler reiterated that he could provide the information we requested, but only if he received permission from the BCOC.  We advised him that our attempts to get any sort of response from the county executive’s office in the past have been unsuccessful.

With that in mind, The Baltimore Post sent an email to the BCOC with our request. As has happened many times in the past, we received no reply, even though we explained that our story would be going live this evening.

Once again, the good ol’ boy system prevails and the lack of transparency continues to shroud the left-wing agenda of County Executive Don Mohler.

Below is a link that will take you to the county’s registration site for rental properties. When you visit that site, you can find and view the list of various properties in any particular neighborhood. Using this process, we learned that another property owned by the Quadir brothers’ is 61 Wise Ave., which is right next door to the double murder house.


Please click the image below to view the entire document on its website. To find a specific location, click CTRL F and type in your search


What we find perplexing about the information received from county officials is that prior to 2013, there were no records available revealing the status of the home in question.

According to our source in Annapolis, there are thousands of unregrestired rental units in the Dundalk District alone. Additionally, there are many other units being rented illegally, and our source stated that there could be numerous federal, state, and local laws being violated by these landlords.

We hope that this issue will become part of the October 5 debate between county executive candidates Al Redmer and Johnny O. We have provided a link at the top of our page for additional information concerning this debate, which will take place at the government center.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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