Tradepoint Atlantic touts local investment, but documents show otherwise
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th September 2018

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The new version of our beloved Chesapeake Bay courtesy of TPA. (Photo Credit:

The old saying “Actions speak louder than words” doesn’t necessarily apply to every case, as you will see in this torrid tale of corporate welfare.

It appears that TPA is once again trying to pull the wool over the eyes of middle-class taxpayers in yet another brazen attempt to ingratiate the bottom line.

In our last article on the topic, the Post pointed out some misconceptions provided by TPA’s VP of Corporate Affairs, Aaron Tomarchio, as he pleaded for community support.

Mr. Tomarchio lauded the home-grown investment made by TPA’s owners, but he never mentioned their names. The Baltimore Post has no problem filling in one of those blanks with this photo:

(Photo credit/Forbes)


In this video, Mr. Tomarchio speaks about the close bond between the state of Maryland and TPA:

(Video courtesy of Scott Collier/DundalkTV)

We are curious how he can utter those words when you take into account the document below:

Please click on the image below to view the entire document


Additionally, Mr. Biscotti’s investment may have nothing to do with loyalty to his hometown; rather, it can be seen as a simple business decision, as outlined in the below quote:

Protected assets. LLCs provide limited liability protection to their owners (members), who are typically not personally responsible for the business debts and liabilities of the LLC. Creditors cannot pursue the personal assets (house, savings accounts, etc.) of the owners to pay business debts.


After all, anyone who talks about Mr. Biscotti’s loyalty should think about how loyal he and the other NFL owners and officials have been to retired players who suffer from CTE.

Here is more hoopla over the jobs bonanza TPA is claiming to provide to the local economy:

“Gotham Greens’ decision to locate at Tradepoint Atlantic is yet another step forward towards bringing 17,000 quality jobs to eastern Baltimore County,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “Tradepoint Atlantic continues to establish itself as a major economic force for the region, attracting diverse businesses with their desirable proximity to the mid-Atlantic market.”

This company will only provide 60 full-time jobs. Given the size of Gotham Greens’ operation, and factoring in Under Armour’s still empty building, TPA will run out of space to lease well before the promised number of jobs will materialize.

Sadly the cesspool of politicians continues to gather knee-deep in the swamp of deception surrounding this corporate welfare scheme that is being shoved down the middle-class taxpayers’ throats. If anyone believes that is rather a harsh statement, we have some video evidence regarding the impact this scheme will have on Baltimore County.

For those who choose to see the nightmare that is unfolding before your eyes, click the link below to see the future of the Chesapeake Bay. Viewer discretion is advised!

To borrow a quote from All the President’s Men, –”They’re all involved.”

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