Head Of Fire Department Union’s Statement Is Ludicrous
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th January 2017

September 11, 2012 9:50 am ET

Remarks are a tad offline when it comes to common sense and protecting our workers.

Source: Head Of Fire Department Union’s Statement Is Ludicrous

In Arthur Hirsch’s Sun article, “Baltimore County faces new workplace discrimination suits,” he quotes the union chief of the Baltimore County Fire Department, Michael Day, as stating “Often, it comes down to the level of risk the county would be willing to accept.”

I wonder how much thought went into that statement or who was standing behind him when he made it.

Each and every day one rises to go to work there is a risk involved (especially being a firefighter) so I would guess he is suggesting it would be easier to remove the risk rather than follow the law and provide protection for those truly injured while serving their community in the line of duty.

If he means otherwise why doesn’t the county require measures to insure or reduce those risks such as health screenings by their own doctors, you know the same ones that follow their orders from Fred Homan.

Firefighting and police work are dangerous jobs.  One of the most dangerous occupations during WWII was working in the factories.

The sad part is that Homan was advised his actions involving his handling of ADA cases violated the law and finally the FOP stepped in and filed suit.

Another interesting angle to this case is on the pending suits regarding the following quote:

“In all three cases, the county used the same physician—Dr. Peter Oroszlan.

Oroszlan was linked in all 10 cases settled last month through the Department of Justice. As part of that settlement, the county is barred from using Oroszlan again.”

Another rather strange quote from Bryan’s article is Don Mohler’s statement which reads, “In a rare comment on pending litigation, Don Mohler, a county spokesman, said the county has done nothing wrong and he believes the county will ultimately win all three cases.”

How short is Don’s memory? The feds just left town and the county is just a tad poorer. You would think they might learn something here. I guess not.

I wonder if Mr. Homan saw Dr. Orozslan before returning to work after falling off that horse. After all, he controls the county’s purse strings.  What’s more imortant, saving lives or pinching pennies?

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