Dundalk Police Community Relations Council Introduces New Police Captain
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th January 2017

September 12, 2012 6:09 pm ET

Baptism of fire greets new commander.

Source: Dundalk Police Community Relations Council Introduces New Police Captain

Dundalk’s NPCRC (North Point Police Community Relations Council) President Jim O’Toole, after taking a brief time to deal with some old business, introduced the new commander of North Point Precinct 12, Captain Jan Brown.

This was the first meeting of the PCRC after a summer layoff.

Captain Brown was greeted with warm applause and introduced himself to a good-sized turnout despite direct competition (light on the competition aspect) with the Raven’s first game of the season.

Captain Brown came to Dundalk at the end of June from the Towson Precinct where he was a lieutenant for 6 1/2 years.  During Captain Brown’s 24 years with the department he has served in a variety of positions and felt he was returning home since he grew up on the east side of the county.

Captain Brown is a family man with children.

Captain Brown promised quick action on some issues that he addressed as the “broken window syndrome,” a term well-used by law enforcement.

He said he was dismayed over what he saw while riding around the precinct in the area of graffiti and unkempt homes.   This comment opened the door for those in attendance who immediately began to relate stories of such issues within their community. A common thread was the issue of code enforcement and their lack of response. Captain Brown urged people not to give up and offered various ways of reaching out to code enforcement to help address these many issues.

With the budget restrictions facing the county Captain Brown said code enforcement response has been impacted.

He alluded to a new and persistant problem of the motor scooters in the precinct that aren’t governed by legislation.  He said that will change Oct. 1 when the state will require them to be registered.  He offered numerous encounters his officers had with these vehicles where the scooters were stolen or used in other crimes.

Two other community leaders facing some tough issues were Bill Neibuhr from Berkshire and David Patro from the North Point Civic Association.

Mr. Neibuhr described a persistent deterioration in Berkshire and his battle over some church-sponsored basketball programs.  Bill said the problem stems from the lights being left on until late at night where the players often times become disorderly.   He said it does not affect the church because there in no one there to witness and hear the bad behavior.

Mr. Patro’s issues dealt with drugs and the constant battle of keeping the dealers on the move.

Captain Brown urged the leaders not to give up and promised the full support of his staff.  He also urged people to utilize the North Point Precinct’s website which has a variety of helpful information for the community residents.

In summary NPCRC President Jim O’Toole urged anyone who witnesses a crime not to take action but contact 911 and practice safety first.  He said we have professionals to do that job.

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