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The Post Investigates: Redmer’s apathy regarding disturbing video raises concerns
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th October 2018

We’ve seen a lot of partisan politics regarding the U.S. Supreme Court nominee. And yet, despite all of that political turmoil happening on the national stage, The Baltimore Post focused our attention locally on the following troubling Facebook post.  It should be noted that the Post did not reply to the content of the below Facebook posting.

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After reading the widespread allegations posted by Debbie O’Connell, which included accusing the publisher of this site of engaging in lies, the Post decided to pull back the curtain in order to reveal some very disturbing issues.

One of those issues deals with the Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, Al Redmer, Jr., and his close ties to the O’Connell’s, who support Republican Councilman Todd Crandell.

Let’s connect some dots to show how we got to this point.

This whole problem began after Councilman Crandell’s aide, Mr. Ron Metzger, went on a profanity-laced tirade against his neighbor that contained numerous racial slurs. The Post first broke that story, allowing more than 1,100 people to watch Mr. Metzger’s outlandish behavior, which has gone unpunished.

That video and its aftermath are representative of the cesspool politics engulfing Baltimore County. For decades, the shenanigans were largely partisan. However, the good ol’ boy style politics have now transcended party lines.

So what role does Mr. Redmer play in this political “sweeping the issue under the rug” game that supersedes accountability and constituent service?

The Post contacted Mr. Redmer and inquired what he might do in a situation like the Crandell/Metzger coverup. After all, Mr. Redmer provided this quote to us:

“As public servants or those looking to hold public office, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard.”


Despite that verbiage, Mr. Redmer seemed to show indifference to the Crandell/Metzger situation.

Then, The Post received the following message from Mr. Redmer after publishing this article where the county executive candidate criticized another politician over his use of a particular curse word:

Buzz, I read your post and saw a reference to me and Todd’s aide… what is that about???
Lastly, we were provided with a statement that appeared to be the definitive brush-off regarding the whole matter:

Mr. Beeler,

Al has given you his statement in regard to the councilman’s aide.
Additionally, our campaign does not comment on the opinions of private citizens, nor does our campaign have anything to do with whatever conflict you have with the O’Connells.
We will not be making any further comment.
Thank you,
Hannah Marr

Mr. Redmer also told the Post that he did not comment on the video because he hadn’t seen it.

The Post believes there may be a different reason Mr. Redmer did not want to engage in a lengthy explanation regarding the conduct of a fellow Republican and his aide.

It all reverts back to the almighty $$$.

The catalysts that seem to be driving this narrative are the relationship between Mr. Redmer and the Core Group, which was founded and is controlled by Cliff and Debbie O’Connell. The O’Connell’s also have a fairly significant relationship with Councilman Todd Crandell.

Current campaign finance records indicate more than $16,000 funneled to the coffers of Councilman Todd Crandell by the O’Connell’s.

It is rather interesting that neither Mr. Redmer nor Ms. Marr mentioned their campaign’s connection to the O’Connell’s.

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Again, folks, it boils down to the fact that while money talks, it also buys someone’s silence.

We want to know if Mr. Redmer thinks it is worth the political risk to protect a fellow Republican who, through his inaction, seemingly justified the volatile and abusive behavior of his aide.

Just as The Baltimore Post held Johnny O accountable for failing to live up to his obligation to attend a recent debate, we will hold Mr. Redmer accountable regarding the leadership he should display to deal with such questionable conduct.

If Mr. Redmer can’t speak up now, folks, how can we expect him to speak up for the citizens of Baltimore County if he is elected to be their County Executive?

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