How Much Is A Life Worth in Baltimore County? According To the County Liquor Board, About $2,000
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th January 2017

October 8, 2012 1:45 pm ET

Not the first time this bar has had problems.

Source: How Much Is A Life Worth in Baltimore County? According To the County Liquor Board, About $2,000

A troubled Parkville bar must pay a $2,000 fine after the death of one of its bouncer’s who attempted to break up a fight over the Labor Day Holliday and was stabbed to death – so says the Baltimore County Liquor Board.

The bar, Tee-Bees Place must pay the fine within 30 days and will be able to keep its liquor license despite other problems at the establishment.

According to the article in the Baltimore Sun this is not the first time the bar has had problems in the community including violence that required police intervention.  Local residents complained of late night noise and parking problems.  Another homicide in July which the police say the victim was shot in the bar but could not provide a direct link to the bar since his body was found on the parking lot.  Go figure.

The bar had been ordered to develop a security plan and make use of security cameras.  At the time of the stabbing they were out of order.  Additionally police conducted surveillance at the bar involving one of Tee-Bees employees interact with suspected drug dealers.

Liquor Board Chairman Charles Klein took a hard line stance (sure) and told the bars owner Rodney Barns he could face the loss of his license if violence breaks out again at the bar.  My question Mr. Klein is how many more have to die before you consider it too much violence?  What is the price tag of human life?  Two thousand dollars seems pretty cheap.  Maybe you should live next door to the bar.

Who is the county concerned about, the community or Mr. Barns?  Is his bar the driving force of the local economy?  How many jobs are at stake?  Are they living wage jobs?

We just saw what happened in Towson when you don’t make bars accountable for their actions and by actions I mean well thought out preparation and planning for either large scale or regular events depending on the clientele and expected turnout.

Mr. Rodney Barns is one person; there are 30.734 residents in Parkville.  Need I say more?

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