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The Post Investigates: Pols plead the fifth on house of horrors issues
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 11th October 2018

After two people were killed by a suspect who was captured in another state, the Baltimore Post wrote about a virtual house of horrors where the murders occurred. However, as bad as that situation was, our local politicians are making things worse by refusing to be held accountable in this atrocity, which was set in motion by a complete lack of transparency.

At the very minimum, the voters have the right to know how pervasive this ongoing situation has become in the 7th District, as well as other regions across Baltimore County. As the Post previously reported, three of Baltimore County’s communities are listed in the top 10 worst cities to live in the state of Maryland.

As in this particular situation, the scene of the crime was clouded in ambiguous statements that to us, seemed rather suspicious. Ultimately what the Post discovered was an underbelly of corruption pertaining to rental properties. 

Adding salt to the wounds of their constituents, two politicians chose to “plead the fifth” regarding information that could have shed some light on the incident that led to the murders. The Post reached out to Delegate Bob Long, who is a practicing real estate agent, and Democratic candidate Brian Weir, who is challenging Republican Todd Crandell for the 7th District Council seat.

The Post has made two attempts to get Delegate Long to provide some insight into problems associated with rental properties and some possible solutions to the ever-increasing blight upon our communities. However, despite our efforts, Delegate Long has not replied.

Meanwhile, at a recent candidate forum, Mr. Weir went into great detail involving issues associated with Section 8 housing. But he too failed to return our phone calls.


Democratic candidate Brian Weir is seen on the left.  (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In fairness, it should be noted that Councilman Crandell also has made no statement pertaining to the double homicide or the failure of Baltimore County to monitor the rental registration issues that plague his district.

Republican Todd Crandell ( Photo credit/Facebook)

The Post also encountered resistance when we started to inquire about the October 4, 2018 hearing involving the owners of the unregistered rental property where the murders took place. We originally learned that the landlords, Fakhir and Allan A. Quadir, were facing heavy fines regarding multiple violations involving several properties.

Mike Mohler, who oversees operations for the rental registration division, had a somewhat spirited discourse with us pertaining to transparency. He also advised us that we had to go through the Baltimore County Office of Communications (BCOC) in order for him to give us what we believe is public information. (For those unaware, Mike is the brother of County Executive Don Mohler.)

Our readers should know that this conversation ended the same way as our other requests for information pertaining to the deplorable conditions under the current Mohler administration being unloaded on the middle-class taxpayers: nowhere!

This issue is not about the party affiliation of elected officials or political candidates, but rather the complete and total lack of transparency by those either in power or seeking to be in power.

In the upcoming election, there is only one way we can begin to recover from the cesspool of political corruption:


Judging by the photographs below, we believe that something was accomplished pertaining to the unregistered rental property on Wise Ave. However, questions still remain about the accountability of the property owners. Until those, and other similar, issues are addressed, this blight will continue to erode the quality of life for taxpayers and citizens of Baltimore County.

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