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Say it ain’t so: Sun shills for Johnny O
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd October 2018
Johnny O and Jim Smith. (Photo credit/Facebook)

The Democratic candidate for Baltimore County Executive, John Olszewski, Jr. (who prefers to be known as “Johnny O”), has an affinity for the word “transparency.”  

However, The Baltimore Post will examine several issues that show Johnny O has avoided being transparent in his quest for the highest political office in our county.

Let us begin with Johnny O’s most recent ploy to control the narrative through a Post story in which he promises “...under an Olszewski administration, Olszewski says that that development will be “community-led,” with a place for community leaders at the “head of the table.”

If you pay attention to Johnny O’s response, you will notice that there does not seem to be much room at the table for “community leaders.”

Rather, take a good look at some of the faces that will be sitting at that “all-inclusive” community table to which Johnny O refers so blatantly.

Some of you may remember the person in the photograph below. If not, maybe our article about Mr. Whalen might refresh your memory.

On the left is developer Steve Whalen, who pleaded guilty to five counts of election law violations. (Photo credits/Baltimore Sun and Facebook)

For those who don’t like our version, since here is the The Baltimore Sun’s version, since they are endorsing Johnny O.

One would think that a major publication that endorses a candidate might at least search their own archives to see what qualities that candidate possesses to deserve such an endorsement.

Normally, such a connection would not be significant. However, in this case, we have to deal with Johnny O’s father, former Councilman John Olszewski, Sr., who may wield significant influence if Johnny O is elected to lead financially strapped Baltimore County for the next four years.

A younger version of Johnny O with his father seated to the right. (Photo credit/Facebook)

If you want some more proof of the potential influence of the father into his son’s campaign here is another photo that may shed some insight:

L to R Current Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler, Johnny O, Jr. along with his father John Sr. holding his granddaughter. (Photo credit/East County Times)

For those that still don’t believe that the father may have some influence over Johnny O, Jr. here is another photo to refresh your memory.

That last picture dealt with the infamous York Way development in which the taxpayers spent $20 million for a piece of property that was worth $1.5 million before it was flipped to Mr. John Vontran.

Judging by the picture below taken recently at the intersection of Merritt Boulevard and Wise Avenue showing Democratic Senate candidate Buddy Staigerwald and of course Johnny O’s ever-present father John Olszewski, Sr.the question begs, who will run the county government?:

Democratic Senatorial candidate Buddy Saiigerwald and John Olszewski, Jr. (Photo credit/Facebook)

At the very least, we know that Johnny O will sit proudly at the table of the developers.

Concerning Tradepoint Atlantic, a majority of the community groups that Johnny O professes to have seated at the proverbial table will actually be few and far between. To make matters worse, most of these groups have no idea what TIF financing is or how it will impact their respective communities.

But don’t worry, folks–Johnny O is on board with that issue, and the taxpayers a Baltimore County can rest assured that TPA will get its $175 million worth of taxpayer-funded welfare.

Seeking that transparency that Johnny O proclaims, we sent him the following email on October 17, 2018:

Dear Mr. Olszewski:

Do you support TIF financing for Tradepoint Atlantic and if so how does this benefit the taxpayers of Baltimore County?

Please consider this query for the record.

We will be going to publication this Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Thank you for your time in this matter.


As of the publication of this article, we still have not received a reply. How’s that for transparent?

The Sun’s lame endorsement of Johnny O refuses to acknowledge the facts. Rather, the socialist/progressive Sun refers to Johnny O as the anointed savior of the Baltimore County school system.

Here is an interesting quote from the Sun’s endorsement article that deserves some closer examination:

Public confidence in the system was shaken by the scandal that brought down former Superintendent Dallas Dance, and Mr. Olszewski understands the need for the county government to exercise a greater degree of oversight, whether through an independent inspector general or an expanded role for the county auditor.

Just in case the Sun’s editorial board forgot who was in power at the time of the Dr. Dance regime, we would like to remind them that it was their chosen son Johnny O, who was the state delegate in Annapolis, and his ever-present father John Olszewski, Sr., who was serving as the councilman of the 7th District.

The Post strongly suggests that the Sun, before endorsing a Socialist/Progressive Democrat to lead Baltimore County down the “Yellow Brick Road” to the land of Oz, at the very least pulls back the obvious façade and do some research.

Then, and only then, can the editorial board blather on about how deserving their choice is of your vote.

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