Letter: Why I’m voting for Al Redmer for Baltimore County executive
Posted by Alan Zukerberg, Esq. on 24th October 2018

—– By: Alan Zukerberg, Esq. —–

Al Redmer, Jr., Republican candidate for Baltimore County executive


I believe that a vote for John Olszewki, Jr., is a vote for the big developers, and that will continue the “pay to play culture” for which our County is so well known.

Here are some of the reasons for my opinion:

FOLLOW THE MONEY: John’s campaign finance reports show that developer Caves Valley Partners, Royal Farms (both of “Treegate” fame) and former County Executive (now City employee) Jim Smith are backing John. Contributor Tradepoint Atlantic company is looking for County support for its Sparrows Point, Dundalk operation. Towing companies, whose high rates are set by the County are backing John; and very disturbing to me is that former county attorneys and hearing officers, who are currently employed with major law firms that represent developers, are John contributors. We need fairness and balance in both commercial and residential development that so greatly affects the quality of our lives. When Al Redmer was asked if he will terminate the employment of the very pro-developer County Administrative Officer, he was unequivocal that he would. John was not. When Al was asked if he would give communities great weight when choosing County personnel, he was clear that he would.

WHO JOHN O RELIES UPON FOR GUIDANCE: I find it difficult to call him “Johnny O” because his father (John Olszewki, Sr., for those too young to remember, is the original, and still is “Johnny O,”) is active in his son’s campaign. During Sr’s terms as the County Councilman from Dundalk, Sr., was a major supporter of influential developers. I believe that if John, Jr., is elected the existing pro-developer, anti-community culture will continue because he will heavily rely upon Sr’s counsel and guidance.

EDUCATION: While John is a teacher in the severally deficient Baltimore County School System, that does not give him credentials to know how to fix it. County government is separate from the Board of Education and Baltimore County Public Schools. By law, Baltimore County gives 53 cents or more of every tax dollar to the Board of Education and the Board, not the County, controls what it does with the money. This election, County voters will elect some of the Board members and the Governor will select the rest. I believe that Al Redmer has a better rapport with who will be the Governor and will be able to get more from the State than John.

EXPERIENCE: Redmer runs the State’s Insurance department and oversees a budget in excess of $20 Million. John O has absolutely no such experience.

– Alan Zukerberg, Esq.

Mr. Zukerberg is an attorney and president of the Pikesville Community Corporation.  His letter was written in his individual capacity and does not speak on behalf of any organization or entity. He can be reached at alan.zukerberg@gmail.com.

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