You Think The Democrats Are For The Working Class? Think Again!
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th January 2017

May 20, 2013 11:49 pm ET

Their political agenda is far from the truth, but there is enough blame to go around.

Source: You Think The Democrats Are For The Working Class? Think Again!

I noticed there does not seem to be a day that goes by where someone in local or state government says what a great progressive state this is to live in.

The buzzword for Maryland is the Democrats are our friends and they will take care of you.  What people don’t realize is that nothing is free and someone has to pay the tab.

Now that depends on who you are and what your state in life is.  If you fall into the category of the working middle class or (God forbid) the one percent, then you may find this blog rather interesting because of what the Democratic Party rhetoric vs. the facts are and they actually reveal a very different agenda.

In police work the evidence is what convinces a jury of guilt or innocence.  With the help of some researchers you might find these facts disturbing considering many of you are paying the tab for this progressive agenda.  It’s not just the rich that are being squeezed but everyone who earns a paycheck.

So here we go and hold onto your hat or in this case your wallet, or for the ladies, your pocketbook.

I guess sometimes you stumble across the truth.  Recently I asked the chairperson of our club’s development group if there was any progress on a developer who is interested in building homes on our site.  His response was – no!  Now this was interesting since the stock market is at an all time high despite the doom and gloom, along with the orchestrated fear mongering over the sequester.  I asked him why and his response was the economy and they (the developers) weren’t going to risk it.  Risk what, I thought, the recession was over.

There are many that do not equate the stock market with the reality of the middle class working man. On top of that, you factor in the chronic unemployment which has plagued our economy for years and the stock market becomes unobtainable for blue collar workers.

The prediction is in about five years the debt will reach $20 trillion and touch off a depression.  Sooner or later the check will bounce or panic will run the markets.  Remember that tiny glitch in the market a couple of years ago and it fell over 500 points.  This was just over a technical mistake and not any real economic news.

Let’s take a look at some of the local factors that will churn the stomach material we are being force-fed.

BG&E has been granted monthly rates increases for damage done by Hurricane Sandy.  Combine that with O’Malley’s green thumb ideas, that reaches about $2.5 billion over 20 years or $13 a month to the middle class working person.

Then we have the proposed gas tax that will add another 17 cents to the cost of a gallon which by summer could be $5.

You’ll put that gas into the car you bought with the titling fees going from $50 to $100.

A birth certificate has doubled to $24 and if you die, you still don’t get a break because that cost of obtaining that certificate also doubled to $24.

The O’Malley administration supported a State Center, a $1.5 billion taxpayer-financed project in Baltimore City, whose developers happen to have hired some allies of the governor.  A group of plaintiffs sued to stop the project, claiming the process for selecting the developers violated competitive bidding laws.  The O’Malley administration tried to dismiss the case, failed, then countersued the plaintiffs for $100 million and lost that one too.

Did I mention Baltimore City is now the 10th highest taxed city in the nation?

“The tolls will kill me,” my buddy said who owns and operates a car carrier.  “It will be costing me hundreds extra a week.”  I leave the rest of his quote to your imagination.

In Baltimore County, the administration is already raiding pension funds for their budget shortfalls.  Kamenetz would like to float $255 million of pension obligation bonds to fill in the gaps of the county’s $2 billion pension system.  Linda Murphy, a municipal credit analyst at T. Rowe Price Group Inc., says she does not like pension obligation bonds like those being considered by the county because her “personal philosophy is that I am against making a market timing bet.”

It’s interesting that county politicians have attempted to drown opposition with the worn out claim of “we haven’t raised taxes,” but if you look at your tax bill it has doubled.  I think they call it funny math.

Briefly, this could be summed up by looking at the White House shutting down the tours but yet no staffer inside that (our) house has suffered any pay cut.

Isn’t it amazing that despite the dismal low ratings of Congress, every election we continue to vote them back in office.

My wallet says the Democrats are not my friends.

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