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“There’s got to be a morning after” – Oh really?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 7th November 2018
The caption for this photo, courtesy of Ron Metzger: “Take that.” (Photo credit/Facebook)

One would think that, as a member of the Baltimore County Council, Todd Crandell would show a little more class after winning another four-year term.

One would also think that there is a limit to what some of the 7th District constituents might find to be, once again, offensive behavior.

Case in point: the photo above was captioned by Mr. Crandell’s legislative aide, Ron Metzger, with the following: “Take that.”

What message does that send to the constituents in the 7th District who don’t agree with Mr. Crandell’s agenda? Will they now lack representation in the Baltimore County Council?

One comment on the photo suggested some bridge building on Mr. Crandell’s part:

“Congratulations to Todd, may he do a good job for everyone.”

Apparently some other supporters know all too well what was taking place when this picture was taken. Another photo comment stated, “Leave me a couple of those beers.”

Why would any respectable staff member of a political leader post this photo, particularly after being involved in some very controversial conduct earlier this year?

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After vulgar outburst, it’s business as usual for Councilman Crandell’s office


What say you, Mr. Metzgar?

One may even suggest that acting in this kind of crass manner serves as a reminder of how important it is, especially for those who should be held to a higher standard, to act reasonably responsible at all times. One would think that being elected to a second term would be a proud moment for Mr. Crandell and his supporters rather than, per a quote from Mr. Metzger’s Facebook page, a “Ha ha” moment.

This type of behavior is egregious to the rest of the voters of the 7th District and a direct affront to the dignity of the Baltimore County Council. It is emblematic Councilman Crandell’s tenure, despite the fact that he took an oath to represent everyone living within the boundaries of his councilmanic district.

It is sad that there is no accountability regarding this whole matter from anyone in county government under the current Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler.

As the idiom goes, “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

If this moment defines another four years for Councilman Todd Crandell and his staff, then the citizens of the 7th District, especially those who have the absolute right to disagree with the direction he is taking, are all in for a very long and disappointing time.

It is bad enough that Councilman Crandell is willing to sell out his constituents to a couple of billionaires in Tradepoint Atlantic’s attempt to fleece the taxpayers of Baltimore County. But to continue to stand by and do nothing while his staff member acts yet again in a crass manner is conduct unbecoming of an elected official.

The Baltimore Post hoped that there would be some civility following the election that would apply to all the members of the councilman’s district and not just those with enough money to pay for representation.
We guess we were wrong.

As the song lyric in this column’s title suggests, “Let’s keep on looking for the light,” because it sure isn’t coming through the hole in that campaign sign.

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