UPDATE: Police refuse to intervene in case of assault rifle toting and vigilantism touting (but politically connected) citizen
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 3rd December 2018
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The following quote from Mr. Cliff O’Connell was recovered from Facebook Messenger in a comment to The Baltimore Post pertaining to the relationship with the commander of the Essex Precinct, Capt. Douglas Irwin.

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For those in Baltimore County, the saying, “See something, say something,” does not ring true–at least not when it comes to politically connected Mr. Cliff O’Connell.

This whole saga began when Mr. O’Connell felt that the police were not doing their jobs fighting crime. He decided to introduce the idea of bringing in biker gangs into the West Inverness community to restore law and order.

The Post wrote about how this entire matter was set into motion and the numerous resulting peace orders filed against Mr. O’Connell, the owner of Cliff’s’ High Tech Auto Body Shop, and his wife, Debbie.

Sadly, that was not our last story published about the O’Connells. There are too many to list here, but if you search our site for the name “Cliff O’Connell,” you should gain some insight on how potentially volatile the situation has become.

We attempted to diffuse this potentially volatile issue by contacting the local precinct commander, Captain Douglas Irwin, so we could “say something” about what we’ve seen.

Capt. Douglas Irwin  (Photo credit: Baltimore County)

Those attempts failed miserably.

We were advised to contact the Baltimore County Police Media Relations Unit, which we did, along with other political leaders involved in this egregious situation. The Post even attempted to contact the O’Connells themselves.

The results of our efforts were rather disturbing.

Corporal Shawn Vinson, Director of the Public Affairs Section for the Baltimore County Police Department, refused to get involved. Rather, he gave us the following directive:

“Go ahead and write your story.”

Mrs. O’Connell reverberated the same statement:

“Go ahead and write your story.”

We offered Mr. O’Connell an opportunity to speak with us regarding this story, but we have not heard from him.

It seems that no one in Baltimore County Government or at the state level wants to do anything about assault rifle toting, vigilantism touting Mr. O’Connell. Delegate Ric Metzgar declined to intercede, and we wrote about Delegate Robin Grammer benefitting from Mr. O’Connell’s campaign contributions.

Below are two photos demonstrating Mr. O’Connell’s way of dealing with community matters.

Photo Credit: Facebook.com

One would think that officials would not scoff at such matters.

We can’t be alone in thinking that this matter has gotten out of hand. After all, Mr. O’Connell has expressed an interest in creating a civilian special armed response unit that could be deployed rapidly to any trouble spot.


Photo Credit: Facebook.com

Mr. O’Connell failed to mention who would command, or be a part of, this “civilian SWAT team.”

There are two other occurrences involving the Baltimore County Police Department that are worth noting. In one particular incident, according to the victim, the crisis team of the BCPD contacted one of the victims at the request of an officer at the local precinct under the command of Capt. Irwin.

According to the witness, the card was left in the door of the victim’s home. The handwritten phone number on the card is a direct line to the Essex Precinct. Also according to the witness, they were told that the request for an intervention involved one of the O’Connells. The victim also explained the entire situation to the crisis team, which soon left the victim’s home after realizing the facts.

Also according to the witness, after viewing all the evidence, the crisis team suggested that the victim contact the internal affairs section of the BCPD.

We mentioned the peace orders brought against the O’Connells due to their behavior, and we believe it is necessary to mention the 12 other calls made to the BCPD. Police took no additional action, aside from issuing the peace orders. According to least one witness, the O’Connells have made it quite known that they are politically connected.

Here are copies of the peace orders:

Please click on the image below to view the peace orders


You can click the slideshow below for more documentation regarding this matter.


The victim also met with the member of the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office. We will let you know how that turned out in another article.

The Baltimore Post will continue to monitor the O’Connell situation until, hopefully, someone puts a stop to this type of behavior.

Finally, we want to point out that the Chief of the Baltimore County Police Department, Terry Sheridan, was appointed under the Kevin Kamenetz administration.

Baltimore County Police Chief Terry Sheridan (Photo credit: Baltimore County government)

It remains to be seen whether new Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski, Jr. will appoint someone from inside the agency to conduct a broad search for another chief.

Unlike oil and water, politics and money mix well in our next of the woods. Those dollars cross party lines and corrupt the system intended to protect the citizens of this county.

This article will be updated if new information becomes available.

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