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Baltimore County Police “do not see any calls for vandalism from Patapsco”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th December 2018
Police say no report filed on vandalism at Patapsco HS. (Photo credit: BCPS)

The Baltimore Post has learned that the incident at Patapsco HS involving vandalism to the male restrooms was not reported to the Baltimore County Police Department. The Post took additional steps to verify several incidents from our initial article.

The below email was sent to Mychael Dickerson, Chief of Staff to interim Superintendent Verletta White, in an effort to verify the true facts:

Mr. Dickerson, below is a link to our recent article on the issue involving Patapsco HS and the closing of male restrooms due to vandalism.


The Baltimore Post contacted the Baltimore County Police Department and was advised there had been no report emanating from the vandalism to County property.

Our question is, why was this issue not reported to the police department?

We will be going to print by the end of the business day.

If you wish to respond, please do so in a timely manner.

Thank you for your cooperation.


As of the publication of this article, there has been no response from Mr. Dickerson.

The Post also contacted the administrator’s office at Patapsco HS to ask if a police report was filed regarding the reported vandalism. Again, we received no response.

In our last attempt to get the facts, we called Patapsco HS to speak to the school resource officer. The following audio will verify this attempt:


As we first reported, the Baltimore County Health Department promised to send an inspector to the school. That inspector returned our call and verified that there was vandalism at the school and said there may have been suspects identified. The inspector also confirmed that repairs are being made to the restrooms, however, but that work may take some time due to obtaining proper parts.

The inspector said there are no health-related issues being caused by the restricted use of the male restrooms. However, when asked if the inspector knew the requirements set forth by the county code regarding adequate restroom facilities, the inspector was unable to provide additional information.

The Post contacted at least four different agencies in the county in an attempt to find out what the building codes require pertaining to restroom availability. Those agencies included the Baltimore County building code section, code enforcement, and permits and licensing divisions. Several supervisors we spoke with were unable to answer our questions.

That brings up another interesting question. Did we not hear repeatedly that this was the era of a new transparent government in Baltimore County?

Finally, we did receive a response from the Baltimore County Police Media Relations Unit:


I checked call for service from 11/28 to today and do not see any calls for vandalism from Patapsco.

We will update this story if/when we receive a response from any county official with additional information. Until then, our readers will have to hold it and wait, which–ironically–is what the male students at Patapsco HS will be doing.


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