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Watch live at 6 pm as the Grinch(es) vote to steal your Christmas $$$
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 17th December 2018

I’ll need a bigger boat to carry all that loot. ( Photo credit/Inverness)

You may have seen our previous article on this tawdry scandal involving the Baltimore County Council’s attempt at fleecing $78 million of your hard-earned tax dollars.

As a follow up, we just want to remind you that the Grinches will vote on the matter tonight at 6 pm.

You can watch it live at this site. The legislation to look for is numbered 95 – 18. Another option to watch this turkey being cooked is to visit the council’s main website where you will see the link to the live vote at the top of the page.

In the meantime, the Post would like to look at some rather ludicrous remarks made by Council Chairman Julian Jones at the work session. Chairman Jones wanted to know if the bill could include increasing the minority workforce at the site from 15% to 20%.

To show you how out of touch with reality these politicians are, one would think it’s a little late to make changes to a very complicated “gift” after it already has been wrapped. In other words, Chairman Jones should’ve thought of that a lot earlier than a week before the vote.

Another out of touch pol is newly elected councilman, Democrat Izzy Patoka, the Democrat from Pikesville who wanted TPA to report on the wages paid by contractors performing work at TPA.

Again, why wasn’t this thought of well in advance of the bill being written?

These items should have been addressed months before the bill was brought to vote. To seriously consider any of these issues probably will require a delay in the voting.

We all know that isn’t going to happen, folks. There is no way the council will delay delivery of this taxpayer-funded windfall for the rich and famous.

If there was even a remote possibility that the vote would be delayed, the council would not have been caught in the act of trying the old “document dump” the week before Christmas.

Sneaky little Grinches, aren’t they?

We cringed when the council threw in a lump of coal with this quote from The Baltimore Sun:

Only a few people expressed concern about the Tradepoint agreement during a hearing that lasted more than two hours.

Isn’t it amazing that something so complicated involving millions and millions of dollars in a turkey deal takes about two hours to decide for a population one of over 832,000 residents? For those of you who do a lot of cooking it takes up to five hours to cook and 18 to 20 pound turkey. For the moment will digress one the council giving us the stuffing.

Of course, that was the case, since this whole concept was well orchestrated and directed by the council and the choir brought in by TPA who sang the Christmas carols that basically sounded familiar to “All I want for Christmas is your tax dollars…”

Why else would they hold the work session when the majority of working middle-class taxpayers couldn’t attend?

Aside from that egregious slap in the face about the lack of public discourse, the council’s statement shows the true nature of this sweetheart deal for TPA. It only took two hours of BS to discuss giving away $78 million of your money. One can only surmise the real issues were actually discussed behind closed doors, cutting the public out completely.

We are certain those “good ol’ boy” meetings went far beyond how much wrapping paper should be used before placing this gift under TPA’s Christmas tree.

We bet that the first person to vote “yea” for this turkey of a deal will be none other than Councilman Todd Crandell, who has been the main Grinch targeting Whoville, aka Baltimore County.

The rest of the Grinches surely will follow in a Christmas Carol of “Yea for TPA.”

Guaranteed that their hearts will not grow three sizes this day, unlike the amount of tax burden … or the sizes of Steve Biscotti and Jim Davis’ wallets.

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