Johnny O, Governor Hogan turn backs on taxpayers and side with corporate cronies
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th December 2018
Councilman Crandall, don’t you think this street in your district deserves the same amount of funding you voted to bolster TPA’s infrastructure? (Photo Credit: Lewis Melcher/

The Baltimore Post can’t say we didn’t warn the voters of what was to come.

Folks, we just got a glimpse of the new “Johnny O agenda” when the council unanimously voted to give a $78 million Christmas gift to TPA.

Facing a $2 billion debt crisis, Johnny O promised a “Better Baltimore County,” but he seems to have already gone back on his word. Transparency is something Johnny O appears to be lacking in a variety of ways. For example, he never replied to our request regarding Baltimore County continuing its sanctuary status.

Regarding Johnny O supporting the rich and famous with $78 million of our money while the county faces a fiscal crisis, the Post feels that the voters of this county were duped by this liberal socialist Democrat who will continue down a dangerous path.

Let’s take a look at some of TPA’s bragging about producing jobs.

First, we have FedEx, which employees 150 workers. Another tenant is Atlantic Forest Products, which employees 50 people. Another tenant is Harley Davidson, the motorcycle manufacturer, but their lease states they are only using the site as a training facility; we estimate no more than 20 jobs for that venture. (FYI, when TPA announced that new tenant, they did not mention the name at first. Now we know why–because the facility is nothing more than a training center for people to learn how to ride motorcycles.)

Another tenant at TPA is Pasha Automotive Services, and the reported number of jobs at that facility is currently around 250. Following the company’s build out, that number will rise to no more than 400.

Then we have the big gorilla in the room–Amazon. The people at Turner Station think there will be jobs aplenty provided by Amazon. The Post attempted to reach out to the Turner Station community, and the response we received was an article from the Baltimore Sun. When asked specific questions regarding the number of jobs related to Turner Station, there was no response. We are guessing that the Turner Station community did not hear about the bus line running from Baltimore City directly to TPA to provide a cheap labor source.

Did we mention that 30% of Amazon employees across the country require food stamps due to the wages they are paid?

Despite Mr. Aaron Tomarchio’s constant affirmation that Under Armour has signed a lease with TPA, we once again attempted to contact UA’s corporate headquarters. As you may remember, UA corporate once demanded that we retract an article, but we refused to do that until UA provided a copy of a signed lease for space at TPA.

We would appreciate a correction to the headline of the story you published on July 19th based on our response. (Which was)
Under Armour Statement:
“Our vision for the distribution house at Tradepoint Atlantic remains the same. It will be a top-notch service engine to support our direct-to-consumer business to deliver the right product, to the right place at the right time. The facility will be fully operational in 2019.”
The Post redacted contact person’s name out of courtesy.

This was our third attempt to get the truth from UA.  Again, our phone call was not returned even though they promised transparency.

Where have we heard that word before? That’s right–from Johnny O.

The Post believes that the Sun and TPA are attempting to mislead the public. In an upcoming article, we will present evidence to confirm that suspicion.

It’s time to take a look at the politicians involved in the fleecing of our middle-class taxpayers, whose wages have been stagnant since 1975.

Let’s start right at the top of the food chain of the pols that are “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” or, in this case, TPA.

Here is an interesting quote from the Baltimore Sun showing who is behind the big push for corporate welfare and cronyism:
“This is exactly the jobs-producing investment that our constituents want and expect from the federal government,” said Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, a Democrat whose district includes Sparrows Point.

As far as Dutch’s rather lame quote, we here at the Post find it somewhat laughable that a congressman would allude to logistical warehouse work, training people to ride motorcycles, and driving cars off large container ships docked at TPA are the jobs that “our constituents want.”

Governor Larry Hogan chimed in following that quote to say that this was “Tremendous news.” With that remark, we have to ask the governor who the benefactors of that tremendous news are, China?

And then there is Councilman Todd Crandell, who spearheaded this effort that we consider a “pay to play” scheme, especially since Mr. Crandell lined his pockets with TPA campaign contributions. It appears that he is worried more about the infrastructure and roadways at TPA than those in his district.

After viewing the slideshow below of a Dundalk community, we wonder how those citizens feel about their councilman taking care of his corporate cronies.

Please click through the slideshow below to view the images

Photos Credit: Lewis Melcher/

We also believe The Baltimore Sun is nothing more than a paid shill for TPA. Every one of the paper’s articles concerning TPA has a similar video to the one below:


In a previous article, the Post reported that Johnny O also received campaign contributions from TPA, and now he is leading the residents of Baltimore County into a devastating financial crisis to line the pockets of very wealthy men.

Governor Hogan, if this is such a great idea, then why didn’t the state purchase the property from the bankruptcy court so taxpayers could reap the financial rewards, rather than the global capitalists?

And down the fiscal rabbit hole, we go, folks. Hopefully, we stop before the county budget hits rock bottom.

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