Senator wants us to $$party hearty$$ just before the 2019 General Assembly session
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th December 2018
They can’t even wait until after the holidays to ask for our money. (Photo credit: YouTube)

The Maryland General Assembly session doesn’t begin until January 9, 2019, but the ruling class is Annapolis already is asking for our money.

Case in point: State Senator J.B. Jennings, who wants to hold a fundraiser at a posh country club just before the session begins.

Folks, it doesn’t seem to matter if these elitists are Democrats or Republicans; they are the ruling class and forgetting about the vanishing middle class.

We will try to shed some light on this topic by presenting a recent interview with Joel Kotkin, a fellow of urban studies at Chapman University in Orange, CA. He writes about demographic, social, and economic trends in the United States. Mr. Kotkin recently spoke on the Tucker Carlson Show and described a ruling class of billionaires/oligarchs taking over this country by controlling the politicians.

The Post finds it rather strange that one of the highly touted political watchdog sites, Vote Smart, stated that Sen. Jennings would not respond to questions regarding key legislation during the 2018 session.

We believe there is a serious lack of transparency from Sen. Jennings, especially since he failed to comment on the following:

The state of Maryland is one of just a handful of states in which local governments levy their own taxes on personal income. Specifically, counties in Maryland collect income taxes with rates ranging from 1.75% to 3.2%. Additionally, there is a statewide income tax in Maryland, with a top rate of 5.75%. (Source,

This is why we have an issue with Sen. Jennings holding a fundraiser right before the Maryland General Assembly session and right after the holidays, especially when many of the stressed middle class are paying off credit card debt.

The Post believes this particular fundraiser is especially egregious because Baltimore County is facing a $2 billion debt crisis of its own. What makes matters worse is the recent vote by the Baltimore County Council, which received support from Governor Larry Hogan, granting $78 million in taxpayer funding to Tradepoint Atlantic for its infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the county’s infrastructure continues to crumble.

We also share the invitation below, which was received by email and disappeared shortly afterward.


Please click on the image below to view the flyer

(Photo Credit: Sen J.B. Jennings & Friends)


In closing, The Post would like to make it clear to our readers that we are not interested in party politics; rather, we are laser-focused on the issues that impact every Maryland citizen. With that said, we would be very curious see the guest list of those attending Sen. Jennings’ fundraiser.

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