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Oligarch Pelosi vacations in Hawaii after government shut down and death of police officer by illegal gang member
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th December 2018
Nancy and her husband’s walled compound estate. Their estimated net worth is between $58 and $72 million. (Photo credit: YouTube)

While all was still in the White House at Christmas time, the President looked around and not a member of Congress or Senator could be found after the shutdown. Even the Grinch, whose name is Nancy, took a fancy vacation in Hawaii, as any good oligarch would.

Now some of you may see in the photograph of this oligarch’s home what could be interpreted as a barrier of some sort to keep people off her property. This is rather strange for someone who made the following statement about border security one minute 47 seconds into the video below.


Interestingly enough, Democrats had little to say about the fallen officer, Ronil Singh, who was shot to death by an illegal gang member in Newman, California shortly after posing with his wife and five-month-old baby on Christmas day.

The suspect in the murder of Officer Singh, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, is an illegal immigrant and gang member from Mexico. Arriaga was arrested in Bakersfield, California approximately 280 miles from the original crime scene. According to the police, the suspect was attempting to flee back to Mexico. In addition to Arriaga’s arrest, other suspects—including family members—were also charged with withholding information concerning the investigation of the slain officer.

Law enforcement officials blamed the sanctuary status of California and its protection of illegals, including those like Arriaga who have criminal records.

Even President Trump tweeted out a message to “Build the wall,” after the slaying of this police officer, who was also an immigrant but choose to enter this country by way of the legal process.

Take a look at the video below and see how the political left has changed its course to mold the United States into a Socialist/Progressive nation controlled by wealthy Oligarchs.


On a smaller localized scale, we can see this taking place in Baltimore County and the state of Maryland. The troubling aspect of this intrusion into our system of government is the destruction of our culture, laws, and what’s left of the middle class.

Evidence of this can be found in ventures like Tradepoint Atlantic, where politicians of both parties are bending over backward to ingratiate the bottom line of a privately owned company with our tax dollars, which are being given to two more of the richest Oligarchs in the country.

Under the newly elected Baltimore County Executive, Johnny O (Oligarch), we are beginning to see a troubling trend as many promises have been made on the proverbial – free stuff – that will cost middle-class dearly in tax dollars.  We are also beginning to see the promised transparency from the new administration being surrounded by a wall of silence.

The Baltimore Post will continue to keep the voters of our county and the state informed as we fight the biggest threat to our sovereignty, safety, and our precious few tax dollars.

We cannot allow the oligarchs to rule the middle class. Remember the famous quote from Winston Churchill: “Those that fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”



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