German high court sides with Sharia Law, allowing childhood marriages
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 1st January 2019
Childhood brides showed in Gaza. Photo credit/All that is interesting

While President Trump spent New Year’s in the White House, oligarch Nancy Pelosi was vacationing in Florida. The issue at stake is border security as covered in one of the Post’s most recent articles.

Another important issue regarding illegals in this country is those that violate our visa laws.

The U.S. Homeland Security Department says more than 700,000 foreigners who were supposed to leave the country during a recent 12-month period overstayed their visas

The Baltimore Post has always stated and will continue to report on what we believe is that there can not be any country without borders. We will go one step farther with our belief that multiculturalism cannot work without assimilation.

Part of the proof or example if you wish comes from Germany in which their highest court sided with Sharia Law that allows childhood marriages. Folks this is no joke or fake news but rather a stark reality of how unfettered migration is changing the cultural values of many countries.

We believe this is a result of the far left radical movement towards a Socialist/Progressive ruling party of oligarchs. Here is another interesting quote on the cultural changes taking place in the once proud nation of Germany:

The self-appointed “Sharia Police” distributed leaflets which established a “Sharia-controlled zone” in Wuppertal. The men urged both Muslim and non-Muslim passersby to attend mosques and to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, music, pornography and prostitution.

Now if anyone thinks this could not happen in the US, they are sadly mistaken. The below photo features a group of American women who were once child brides. This particular photograph published by the main street news media site, CNN.

US women who were former child brides. Photo credit/CNN

The country of India leads the world in childhood marriages. The percentage rate of these child brides is 33% which defies the imagination. Despite this extreme culture clash and attack on the values of our nation from the progressive oligarchs, India is not the only country that participates in this abhorrent practice.

One in five girls is married before the age of 18 according to a recent study.  There are many nations that still practice childhood marriages.

Also entering into this culture clash is another deviant practice called – Honor Killings. These types of homicides occur when a family member, usually the father, feels the actions of one of his children brings disgrace upon their honor.

Below is an interesting quote concerning these types of crimes occurring in the US:

On its face, honor killings, or crimes in which (usually) female family members are murdered by male ones for sullying a family’s honor by, for example, having premarital sex, are a very sensible thing to be concerned about. In some parts of the world honor killings are a major problem — Pakistan is one example, as groups like Amnesty International have pointed out. And to a lesser extent, some Western countries, like the U.K. and Germany, have also dealt with honor killings, often committed by first-generation immigrants from parts of the world where the practice is more common. This isn’t a fringe concern — it has garnered attention from mainstream outlets like the BBC and Der Spiegel.

In this published report an estimated 207,648 child marriages took place in the US between the years 2000 – 2015.

The LGBT community and their protection under the law in this country could be in danger based upon Germany’s progressive court ruling. Such terrorist groups as ISIS and the Taliban who practice strict sharia law are known to kill gay men:

Across the Middle East, the LGBT community faces varying degrees of repression, both because of laws directed against its members and the wider social stigma. But under the Islamic State, things took a devastating turn. 

The United States cannot exist without borders or laws that would protect these children against these horrific child marriage situations. Most of the European Union are based on nations without borders allowing for many types of these cultural clashes.

The citizens of this country depend on our political leaders to protect us, our families and our children from these types of situations that would allow any form of religion or customs that promote child marriages.

One of the best examples regarding the failure of multiculturalism was the fall of the Roman Empire.

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