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Dutch turns his back on military families a second time!
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th February 2019
Apparently, Dutch is more worried about the green deal than the black mold. (Photo credit/U.S. Congress)

Members of military families testified before Senate hearings regarding the horrific conditions as a result of substandard housing conditions on military bases.

Here’s a quote from the original story published by Fox News:

Conditions on U.S. military bases were so bad in 1996 that the military privatized 99 percent of base housing. Contractors moved in, which seemed like a good deal for the government — but some outraged military families argued the contractors have acted like slum lords.

Maybe this article will bring back some also unpleasant memories regarding Baltimore County’s situation and dealing with slum lords.

What is especially troubling about this Fox News report is that right off the top, Dutch’s home state of Maryland was mentioned in these horrific accounts presented to congressional members during the recent hearings on the situation.

This is not the first time The Baltimore Post has reported on issues regarding the disgraceful conduct pertaining to the treatment of our military personnel and their families.

The Post followed the plight of this particular DAV veteran for well over a year after the publication of our previous article and his particular situation was still unresolved. Dutch, if our reporting in this particular incident involving this DAV has been resolved, please inform our readers of your great service to our veterans.

Given the below quote from Dutch’s website he should be well aware of what’s going on one in his own backyard:

Congressman Ruppersberger currently serves on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, including the Defense, the State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs and the Homeland Security subcommittees. The Appropriations Committee is responsible for allocating hundreds of billions of federal dollars each year.

One would think that being on the Appropriations Committee he would be aware of the current disgraceful situation impacting our service members and their families. Are we to surmise from this powerful congressman that he would be more concerned about the Green Deal than the black mold?

Are we to conclude that Dutch’s priorities are more focused on his own agenda than those he took an oath to represent? The below document may shed some light on this disconcerting matter:

Click on the document to enlarge

The particular topic may change, but the main message is still the same; Dutch would rather spend our money to stay in power and to use some of his own. Now the post is certainly not bemoaning the fact that Congressmen Ruppersberger doesn’t deserve a fair and equitable salary based on his years of public service, however, one can see that there are some very nice perks that go along with the job.

For the moment, let’s withhold our judgment and see how the Congressman reacts to this horrible plight regarding the living conditions of our military personnel and their families. After all, he does control the purse strings.


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