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Johnny O puts cop on trial in media while pandering to CASA and political cronies
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th March 2019
Councilman Todd Crandell and Johnny O take questions in Essex–a neutral, friendly zone. Remember, Johnny O backed out of a general election debate that was scheduled for the government center in Dundalk. ( Photo credit/Facebook

The Baltimore Sun recently reported on an incident and used the following headline:

Baltimore County Police investigating ‘hateful’ tweets allegedly tied to police officer”

What caught our attention was that Johnny O was the one who termed the tweets “hateful.”

There are two key words here that need to be addressed–“investigating” and “allegedly.”

The issue stems from a Baltimore County Police Sergeant who voiced his opinion over social media about illegal immigration occurring in Cockeysville.

The Baltimore Post has been aware for years that the Cockeysville area has been densely populated by illegals, according to various interviews with police officers working in that area. Judging by what we heard, many of these officers felt helpless in doing their jobs because former County Executive Kevin Kamenetz declared Baltimore County a sanctuary county.

One officer said that, by the time the police had arrived at the scene to investigate numerous vehicle crashes, the only person left was the victim. Officers told The Baltimore Post that vehicles left behind had bad tags, and witnesses said numerous males jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene.

It appears to us that the county executive has made up his mind about this matter. The sergeant seemingly has been tried and convicted by the Socialist/Progressive/Democrat Johnny O and his number one cheerleading squad, The Baltimore Sun.

In case you may have forgotten, the Sun endorsed Johnny O for county executive.

CASA of Maryland was also quoted in the Sun article:

Lydia Walther-Rodriguez, lead regional organizer for CASA of Maryland — an organization that advocates for Latin and immigrant people in Maryland, called the tweets “blatantly racist.”

Another member was a little more direct and demanded that the officer be fired.

CASA of Maryland is heavenly fund by our tax dollars and is building a brand-new employment facility to aid in the sanctuary of illegals at the cost of $14 million.

The following quote from Johnny O is especially disturbing considering a very similar situation that both the Sun and Johnny O completely ignored:

“Hateful, violent, and abusive language has no place in our government or society and I have zero tolerance for it,” Olszewski said in a statement.

Please read the above statement from Johnny O carefully because it is absolute fraud. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” so here is some pudding for the county executive.

The Baltimore Post with the only news media outlet to carry this story time and again, but there were no consequences for Councilman Todd Crandell’s aide regarding his outburst of racially charged hatred spliced with outlandish profanity.

Warning: This video contains foul language which may be offensive to some viewers.

Complaints filed with the county ethics commission failed to address this egregious and most vile outburst of racial hatred.

The Baltimore Post reached out to FOP President Cole Weston for a comment about the officer and his social media posts, but Mr. Weston refused to provide a statement pending the outcome of the IA investigation.

At the end of the day, Johnny O is the county executive and should act accordingly. CASA of Maryland does not make decisions on whether or not a police officer should be fired, and our county executive should not cater to the opinions of an outside group.

With that said, if Johnny O does indeed take action against the officer, then he should hold his counterparts just as responsible. If he doesn’t, that is nothing more than hypocrisy!

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