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UC Berkeley – once the bastion of free speech, now just bashes those who speak freely
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th March 2019
UC – Berkeley, once considered to be a progressive institute of learning, is now just aggressive — at least towards those who want to speak freely. ( Photo Credit/The Nation)

You won’t see this news article on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC. These left-leaning news media groups would rather focus on the freshman Congresswomen like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ihan Omar and their radical Socialist/progressive agenda.

Congresswoman AOC is featured left with Congresswoman Omar, chatting. ( Photo credit/MSN)

Cortez is currently under investigation for possible campaign violation according to Fox News while her counterpart Congresswoman Omar from the state of Minnesota may face Congressional action for her anti-Semitic comments.

Some of those objecting to Congresswoman Omar’s anti-Semitic comments are calling for her removal from the Foreign Intelligence Committee. Ya think!

You won’t see one item regarding the above two events in the liberal media. Neither will you see this conservative student at the bastion of free speech getting bashed, except when it comes to speaking freely.

Thankfully after some pressure, the Berkeley Police Department did make an apprehension regarding this case. In some previous situations involving violent protest, the administration ordered the police department to stand down.

Speaking of standing down, see if you can see a photo of the suspect charged in this assault? This particular news article looks like an advertisement for a flower mart.

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