Eagle shills (again) for TPA but can’t name benefits for Dundalk
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th March 2019
Asking questions is part of the journalist job. (Photo Credit: Dundalk Eagle/TPA)


This is not the first time The Baltimore Post has challenged news publications to report the facts accurately and provide readers with the truth. When media outlets and journalists who write these articles fail to question the propaganda spewed forth by politicians and their corporate cronies, the public suffers.

In the latest round of propaganda spilling forth from the Dundalk Eagle regarding Tradepoint Atlantic, the following quote caught our eye:

The progress of Tradepoint Atlantic in Sparrows Point and at the Greenleigh development along Route 43 in Middle River were cited as reasons Baltimore County residents can share this optimism.

After reading that, the Post decided to ask some tough questions. The Post will digress on the Greenleigh development and Councilman Cathy Bevins’ “pay-to-play” issues.

We were especially concerned about the Eagle’s coverage of Volkswagen signing a lease at TPA–a fatcat and corporate welfare grabbing private enterprise if there ever was one.

Do we wonder if there will come a time when TPA treats its tenants in the same manner that Steve Bisciotti treated Joe Flacco?

Regardless, we are sure the middle-class taxpayers in Baltimore County are getting the shaft.

About Tradepoint, Crandell said the County has been aggressive in using state economic development funds to help subsidize the building of multiple complexes, which include homes for the recently announced Home Depot center and a Floor & Decor distribution center.

The Post asked for some clarification regarding Councilman Todd Crandell’s comments in the following email:

Dear Councilman Crandell:

Recently in the Dundalk Eagle, you made several comments regarding the evolution of Tradepoint Atlantic. One of your particular observations to the Eagle red as follows:

“About Trade point, Crandell said the County [sic] has been aggressive in using state economic development funds to help subsidize the building of multiple complexes, which includes for the recently announced Home Depot center and Floor & Decor distribution center.”

Also that quote you also referred to the $1-2 of investment put into TPA.

You also stated that once TPA builds out, there will be 15 – 20,000 jobs.

Since you’re the councilman representing the area in which TPA is located in addition to drafting legislation using taxpayer funds to pay for the room structure we would appreciate your response to the following questions:

  • How many jobs are currently at TPA
  • Please indicate where the estimated $2 billion applied to TPA’s infrastructure is allocated from
  • The truck traffic you speak of does not come from the port but rather TPA itself.
  • How many tractor-trailers per day will come through the Dundalk area who will be responsible for policing them?
  • Also could you please break down the various lease agreements with TPA regarding the relationship to the total number of employees
  • What do you mean when you elude to the county being prepared for the effects of the construction

These questions should be relatively easy to answer since this is your district and you wrote the legislation to benefit TPA. Please consider this request for the record. If we do not hear from you in a reasonable time (by Tuesday afternoon), then we can only conclude that you are misleading the public based on our knowledge – or lack thereof – the situation.

It should be noted that Councilman Crandell has not responded to multiple questions asked by this publication since we criticized his support of Fred Homan during his first year in office.

Following the Eagle’s story about Volkswagen coming to Tradepoint Atlantic–and bringing 100 jobs to the area–the Post decided to ask some questions of the publication:

Dear Mr. Perryman, I have been noticing your coverage of Tradepoint Atlantic.

Could you please name five examples of how TPA will benefit Dundalk?

Please consider this query as on the record.

Could you please respond by the end of the business day which would be March 5, 2019?

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yet again, we did not receive a response.

The Eagle was so giddy in its praise for TPA and the Volkswagen lease that, in the second paragraph on the front page, they alluded to state and local officials praising the announcement. The Eagle did not bother to elaborate on the number of jobs attached to this “roll on and roll off” auto deal. To be more specific, the Volkswagen site will have large container ships coming up through our precious Chesapeake Bay just to drop off luxury autos, which then will be transported by one of the 30,000 tractor-trailers leaving Tradepoint Atlantic 24/7 every day.

You also did not read anything in the Eagle about the perks in the form of tax credits and other corporate welfare accorded to Volkswagen by Gov. Larry Hogan.

However, the Baltimore Sun did mention those facts:

Under the terms of a $33.5 million consent decree following the scandal over the company bypassing emissions controls in its diesel cars, Volkswagen would have owed the state $4.5 million more if it did not enter a five-year deal with a public or private auto terminal in Maryland.

Even Johnny O engaged in some rather lame comments:

Tradepoint Atlantic continues to impress by attracting great tenets who will be offering jobs and opportunity to Baltimore County.

If everything is hunky-dory according to Hogan, Johnny O, and the Dundalk Eagle, then why will nobody respond to our simple questions?

All of this shilling for a private enterprise owned by two billionaires seems to be a bit much, folks.

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