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Dutch wants a campaign donation to save the bay while Hogan falsely blames the President
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 14th March 2019
We guess the governor forgot about his part of the equation that will impact the Chesapeake Bay. (Office of the Maryland Governor/Joe Andrucyk via AP)

Politicians and political hopefuls should learn to prepare their words carefully before uttering them to the press.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Governor Hogan is taking direct aim at President Donald Trump over cutting the funds that supposedly protect the Chesapeake Bay.

Gov. Hogan is starting to sound a little bit like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. The GND and AOC have a common thread with Gov. Hogan; Johnny O; Councilman Todd Crandell; Sen. Johnny Ray Salling; and Delegates Robin Grammer, Bob Long, and Ric Metzgar.

That common thread is the truth.

Dutch will get his feet wet for a price. (Photo credit/U.S. Congress)

While the governor plays the blame game, Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger is doing something more egregious–offering to help save the bay with an email that pleads for another campaign donation request.

If you really want to know whose actions could impact the Chesapeake Bay, just look at the photo below to see the main culprits.

The only politician missing in this photo is Johnny O, who strongly supports TPA. (Photo Credit: Tradepoint Atlantic)


You will note that President Trump is not in the picture.

The people who are in the picture could be responsible for a potential catastrophe awaiting the treasured Chesapeake Bay, especially if TPA obtains the dredging permits required for the large container ships that will utilize the site.

Let’s look at how this may pan out. Here is a quote from the Sun that goes right to the heart of the matter:

Hogan said he would urge federal officials to protect the bay program’s $73 million budget.

That $73 million is an impressive figure, especially since the Baltimore County Council approved a $78 million loan to Tradepoint Atlantic to upgrade the infrastructure that will lead to one of the largest logistical ports in the country. (Just an FYI, the county’s loan does not even come close to what the state is providing in corporate welfare.) All of that infrastructure upgrading very well could lead to possible tragic consequences for the Chesapeake Bay.

Here is another article from The Sun indicating the amount of corporate welfare headed to TPA and not the Chesapeake Bay. When all is said and done, the total amount of taxpayer money going towards this corporate welfare could reach well into the billions.

Councilman Todd Crandell confirmed that when he spoke to the Dundalk Eagle:

He said there has been $1-2 billion of investment put into Tradepoint and that it is “not even 30% built out yet.”

Here is a detailed report on how this out-of-control corporate cronyism and corporate welfare scheme could possibly damage our precious waterways.

Remember, folks, this is all result of politicians misleading the taxpayers.

Just think for a moment about the impact all those container and cargo ships will have on our precious Chesapeake Bay, all to the benefit of TPA’s billionaire owners.

All it takes is one major incident to have serious environmental and monetary impact on our area. Since TPA is a private enterprise on private property, what guarantees or safeguards will be in place? To put this in proper perspective, TPA is nothing more than a landlord that is leasing the property to tenants. Will they really be held accountable?

The below video may shed some additional light on this issue:

The benefits of capitalism should based on hard work rather than socialist government welfare.

If anyone doubts what we are saying, just wait until 30,000 tractor-trailers come rolling through the east side a Baltimore County each day.

Better yet, read the total impact of TPA for yourself.

(Publishers note: The Baltimore Post has a copy of the traffic study pertaining to truck traffic and TPA.)

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