What are the Maryland State Police hiding in fatal car crash investigation?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th April 2019
No answers from MSP on the suspect responsible for the I-795 fatality.  (Photo credit/The Maryland Reporter)

Has anyone ever heard the old saying,  “Inquiring minds want to know?”

When The Baltimore Post received a news release from the Maryland State Police regarding the fatality on I-795 near McDonogh Road in Baltimore County, we became suspicious of their account of the tragedy. The accident occurred on February 16, and as of April 6, the investigation is still not complete despite the Post’s repeated efforts to report on the fatal accident.

This is highly unusual considering the suspect, whose vehicle struck and killed a motorist that was changing a tire on the shoulder of the road, was apprehended at the scene. The victim, identified as Kennedy Sookla, was pronounced dead after being transported to the Sinai Trauma Center.

Here is what we do know.

According to initial reports by the Maryland State Police, two vehicles allegedly were engaged in a race on I-795 at approximately 9:55 am. Mr. Sookla was struck and killed by a 2015 Honda Civic driven by Mr. Carlos Daniel Gonzales-Rabines of Windsor Mill. The other vehicle involved in the alleged race, identified as a Honda Accord/Civic, fled the scene.

Here is a quote from the Maryland State Police press release:

The driver Gonzales-Rabines was arrested on scene and held pending interrogation and consultation with the States Attorney’s Office.  The driver of the unidentified black Honda Accord/Civic left the scene of the crash.  The cause of the collision is still under investigation but appears speed related.

There are several disconcerting issues involving this investigation.

The Baltimore Post is aware of the lack of serious criminal prosecution involving similar types of crashes.  Killing and maiming victims, along with the financial burden the victims encounter, is problematic when justice is not served.

After reading the press release, the Post decided to see if the suspect had a driving/criminal record in the state of Maryland. There is no record of Mr. Gonzales-Rabines in the multiple searches conducted by the Post.

In addition, the Post reached out to several former crash team supervisors who stated that, given this particular situation, this investigation should have been completed in a relatively short period of time.

The Post has contacted the MSP Media Relations unit numerous times asking for updates. We were constantly advised that the fatal crash was still under investigation. When asked if the state could provide the address for Mr. Gonzales-Rabines to see if he had any ties to the area in which he claimed to live, they refused.

The Post also requested that the MSP Media Relations unit forward us any new information regarding the investigation. In all, the Post has made at least seven attempts to garnish information regarding this fatality.

Again, as of April 6, we still have not received any updates.

The Post also contacted the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s office asking for any information related to this fatality. Our questions were met with a rather hostile reply, which was especially disconcerting given the fact that the county is a sanctuary for illegals.

The Post will stay on top of this story until we discover the truth. Of course, that truth may be the reason that this entire matter is being swept under the proverbial rug.

Time will tell, so stay tuned.

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