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The Post Investigates: Cover-up or error–Bevins incident report may stray from the facts
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 13th April 2019
This is not the first time the police have been called to the councilwoman’s home. (Photo Credit: Google.com)

Within moments of Baltimore County police officers responding to the home of Democratic Councilwoman Cathy Bevins to investigate what is commonly referred to as a “domestic situation,” social media went into overdrive.

Since this was not the first time police had been called to the councilwoman’s home, the news of yet another event spurred a rapid social media response. Due to all of the chatter online, and because this was not the first time the police were called to Bevins’ home, The Baltimore Post decided to investigate the matter.

You see, folks, social media has become a main source of news, as outlined in this research study. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have given rise to the citizen journalist. And, unlike the mainstream (or lamestream) media, private citizens don’t hold back on their reporting as a courtesy to politicians.

Generally speaking, when there is an incident involving a request for police service, the call goes through the 911 center and the operator takes the necessary information to dispatch the required police service to address the issue. The operator at the 911 center will generally ask for the name of the caller, the type of incident, and the location. All calls are recorded.

In our quest to uncover the truth, The Baltimore Post submitted the following Public Information Request to the Baltimore County Police 911 Center:

A copy of the 911 tape from an incident that occurred on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the address of 7118 Greenbank Road/Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21220.

The information we requested was not considered personal due to the fact that any address can be searched on the Maryland State Real Property site. In addition, one can obtain an online copy of any elected officials financial disclosure forms.

The reply we received, though, was–in our opinion–a surprising and rather egregious attempt to cover up the truth regarding the call for police service.

Here is the response:

Dear Mr. Beeler,

There are no incidents for Saturday March 30, 2019 at the address of 7118 Greenbank that you requested from Baltimore County 911 Records.


Tricia Mudd Bitting

Records/Baltimore County 911 Center

401 Bosley Avenue Mail Stop 3007 Towson, MD 21204


Honestly, we asked the right question but failed to identify the correct date, as the copy of the report we received indicates the event occurred on April 1, 2019.

One could argue that, even if we had the correct date, the address listed on the report indicates the “7100 block of Greenbank” rather than the actual address. So that begs the question of whether we were denied a copy of the report based on the incorrect date or the address as listed on the police report.

Either way, the truth needed to be told, so we pressed forward with our attempt to get information by stating that this could be considered as an egregious attempt at the – lack of transparency.

Thankfully, reason prevailed and we received a complete copy of the report.

However, upon reading the official copy of the police report, you will see how the information provided about this incident may have been manipulated in a way that does not describe the actual facts of the matter.

The Baltimore Post will digress for now on the social media accounts of the incident, but one can see the area of the report that deals with the disposition as “NON-CRIMINAL,” and subsequently confirmed as “ASSIST, CHECK ON SUBJECT.”

In fairness to Councilwoman Bevins, there does not appear to be any criminal conduct regarding this incident, but that summation varies greatly from the accounts posted on social media regarding personal conduct.

The ultimate question has to be whether or not this was a direct attempt by someone with political influence to deflect the truth or just another so-called honest mistake. Previously the Post has reported on the close ties of various politicians who use those relationships to control the lives of every taxpayer in the county.

Read the report below for yourselves, folks. As always, our motto is, “You read; you decide.”

Please click on the image below to view the entire police reportDomestic-Disturbance



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