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Eastpoint Riot: “Johnny come lately” as community leaders say police ill prepared for violence
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th April 2019
In a statement to the media, Johnny O did not want to engage in any finger-pointing. (Photo credit/WBAL)

First off, let’s set the record straight on what real issue is regarding the events at the Eastpoint Mall carnival.

It appears that local media and the political leadership don’t quite understand the terms applied to these situations. This is sad because there needs to be a clear understanding of the semantics related to the issue. Otherwise, these problems will continue unabated.

People today often say, “It is what it is.” According to the website, UsingEnglish.com, the definition of that phrase is:

This is used when a person, place or thing is behaving in accordance with their nature, so that behavior should be accepted or expected even if it is not what you would like.

According to community leaders impacted by the riot that took place at the carnival, the politicians once again were caught ill-prepared to deal with the situation. That is eerily similar to the previous violence that occurred at the mall less than a month ago.

Once again, our issue is with the terminology used to describe the incident. Our coverage of the first “riot,” along with the second significant disturbance, led to this response from Johnny O:

I want to thank members of the Baltimore County Police Department and other members of law enforcement officials who worked quickly to bring the situation under control.

If you go to Johnny O’s Facebook site and read the comments from community leaders and residents, their versions are entirely different than what the political establishment, including Johnny O,  say is the real story.

The Baltimore Post has made it clear that the other media coverage of this event, at least to us, lacked the courage to address this situation for what it was. As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding,” where in this case the definition and use of the word “riot” would apply.

After the second riot in less than a month, the politicians are running for cover as they fail to accept accountability for their inept leadership.

The Baltimore Post also reported that Councilman Todd Crandell was not directly involved with mall officials after the March Madness party. This information was verified by Delegate Ric Metzgar.

The Post felt that Councilman Crandell’s outrage over this violence was somewhat perplexing considering his silence on another situation that was pushed under the proverbial rug. That issue involved his political aid, Ron Metzger, who was caught on video delivering  a profanity-laced racist outburst in public. The political silence on this matter was deafening.

Among politicians, talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words. In both cases, The Baltimore Post was able to archive the events as they happened, and it should be quite clear to everyone exactly what transpired at the Eastpoint Mall.

Despite the pols’ silence,  White Marsh Mall made the decision to cancel the Jolly Shows Carnival that was scheduled to run from May 8-19. White Marsh officials said they canceled the carnival based on the violence that occurred at  Eastpoint Mall.

In closing, The Baltimore Post believes that the below statement from the county executive indicates a lack of leadership when faced with tough decisions that impact the lives of county residents.

It was not a riot. The County Executive was made aware and briefed on the situation that occurred there. We were able to find out that a party took place in the area that was not authorized. The County Executive is committed to resources and opportunities for young people find themselves with idle time. One of the areas that had some concerns recently was the White Marsh Mall. Since the inception of their PGR, the problems have dissipated.

It appears that the management of the White Marsh Marsh Mall is not entirely convinced by Johnny O’s statement, “Since the inception of their PGR, the problems have dissipated.”


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